The Procrastination Cure: 21 Proven Tactics For Conquering

The Procrastination Cure: 21 Proven Tactics For Conquering Your Inner Procrastinator, Mastering Your Time, And Boosting Your Productivity! Learn How To Take Quick Action, Make Fast Decisions, And Get More Done In Less Time Do you regularly procrastinate Do you often struggle to get started on important projects Do you allow tasks to pile up until they make you feel stressed and overwhelmed If so, theres a simple solution THE PROCRASTINATION CUREImagine looking at your to do list and immediately tackling, completing, and crossing off tasks Imagine making quick decisions regarding which projects receive your immediate attention Imagine finishing your work each day with hours to sparebestselling author, Damon Zahariades, provides a start to finish blueprint for beating your inner procrastinator Hell show you, step by step, how to overcome your tendency to put off important chores, projects, and activities, and consistently take action that catapults your productivityYoull receivethanproven tactics for conquering your impulse to procrastinate Youll also learn the REASONS you procrastinate, along with actionable advice on how to nip them in the budIn THE PROCRASTINATION CURE, youll discover Themost common reasons people postpone taking actionWhy your to do list might be encouraging you to procrastinate and what to do about it How to create an action prompting reward system tailored to your personal proclivities easy tips for silencing your inner perfectionist and getting to workSurprising advice from Mark Twain on how to beat procrastinationThe one decision thatll spur you to take action and complete tasks in record timeThe power of accountability and how to find the perfect partner How to prioritize tasks and projects according to your personal goalsAstep system for tracking your energy levels, and using the data to maximize your productivityHow to use Time Chunking to tackle large, daunting projectsOne of the most common forms of self sabotage and how to avoid it How to muzzle your inner critic and eliminate negative self talkA curious strategy novelist Victor Hugo successfully used to tame his inner procrastinatorAnd much, muchPlus, youll receiveBONUS tactics, each of which will prove instrumental in overcoming your inner procrastinator Theres also a BONUS SECTION that includes detailed answers to common questions asked about how to curb the procrastination habit THE PROCRASTINATION CURE is for anyone who struggles to take action Whether youre a student, corporate executive, entrepreneur, or stay at home parent, the tactics described in this book can set the stage for a personal transformationGrab your copy of THE PROCRASTINATION CURE today to finally conquer your inner procrastinator and get to work on tasks and projects youre tempted to put off until later This how to guide is written in the great self help, personal development tradition of Cal Newport, David Allen, and SJ ScottScroll to the top of the page and click the BUY NOW button

About the Author: Damon Zahariades

Productivity expert Damon Zahariades is owner of, a site devoted to showing you how to hack your day to getthings done.He wasn t always productive Damon spent many years in Corporate America, dragging himself to ridiculous meetings and enduring the impromptu drive by visits of his coworkers, before striking out on his own Today, he owns his own content marketing agency and creates action guides that show others how to boost their productivity.Some personal likes and dislikes Damon loves coffee he s less fond of soft drinks he loves dogs he s not crazy about cats he loves 80s hair band music he doesn t like country music he thinks he s hilarious his wife thinks he s slightly less than hilarious he loves movies he can t stand it when people talk during a movie he loves economics he hates politicsJoin Damon at his blog at and sign up for his ongoing series of productivity hacks via email.

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