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Alien Space Outlaws (A SciFi Alien Romance) (English Edition) Go to space they said Be an astronaut they said Do something that only a few people in the world have ever done they said No one ever said go into space and get abducted by big aliens so that you can be sold to the highest bidder thoughIts funny how no one ever said thatAs the resident geologist for the International Space Station, I expected a few things during my stay in space maybe run some particle tests, collect some space dust, run some experiments and enjoy the view What I didnt expect was to be abducted by a huge, terrifying alien, get carted across the universe and then have to be on the run with said terrifying alien because he apparently doesnt know how to stay out of troubleAnd the very last thing I expected was to actually find the infuriatingly cocky alien sexy and charmingSo now I have to figure out a way to survive space, the intergalactic mafia and all the random aliens who want to have me as a pet or wear me as a hat, and I have to do it all without falling for the guy who abducted me in the first placeWish me luck Note Alien Space Outlaws is a full length novel and the sequel to the Alien Space Pirates serial Its the story of Jordans abduction, but it can be enjoyed on its own as well This book is a sci fi romance full of sexy aliens, sensual and sometimes awkward situations, humor and all the steaminess that readers love Enjoy

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