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AK-Cowboy QUICK ON THE DRAW, HE WAS A COWBOY AT HEARTTyler Ledger was as unsure of Julie Gillespie s motives for being at his family s Texas ranch as he was of the reception he d receive when he came face to face with his estranged father Still, he agreed to help the enticing reporter solve a murder if she agreed to stay out of trouble Julie was on a mission, and she wasn t going to be sidetracked by romantic entanglements even if Tyler was proving irresistible by the minute But with his leave of absence over soon, the soldier s time in Texas was coming to an end and Julie s would, too, if they didn t find the killer before she became the next target

About the Author: Joanna Wayne

Real name Jo Ann VestPseudonyms Jane De Vere, Julia Fitzgerald, Julia Hamilton, Joanna Wayne, Julia Watson.Joanna Wayne began her professional writing career with the release of her first novel, DEEP IN THE BAYOU, in 1994, but Joanna will be the first to tell you that the wheels were set in motion years before She started reading at four years of age, the same age that she began making weekly trips to the library to check out as many books as they d let her have, only to finish reading them all before bedtime That love of books never waned.Joanna was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana and was the middle child of a large family She moved to New Orleans, Louisiana in 1984 when she married her current husband New Orleans opened up a whole new realm of activities and she found the mix of cultures, music, history, food and sultry southern classics along with her love of reading a natural impetus for beginning her writing career It was there that she attended her first writing class and joined her first professional writing organization From that point on, there was no looking back.Now, forty published books later, Joanna has made a name for herself as being on the cutting edge of romantic suspense in both series and mainstream novels She is known for the suspense and emotion she brings to the page, as she takes ordinary people and thrusts them into life and death situations She has been on the Walden Bestselling List for romance and won many industry awards She is a popular speaker at writing organizations and local community functions and has taught creative writing at the University of New Orleans Metropolitan College.She currently resides in a small community forty miles north of Houston, Texas with her husband Though she still has many family and emotional ties to Louisiana, she loves living in the Lone Star state.

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    well the cow boy had to help a damsal in distress She was looking into some old murderwere they cover up or what she was to go to the ranch and talk the the old manwho was convicted of killing his wife but did he do it or not she wanted to be ableto see if he did kill both women well Julie was in control but she had a seceretof her own she was the girl who saw the murder of her aunt but did she see who did it or not well when Tyler c

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    When Tyler Ledger comes back to Texas before his next deployment the last thing he expected to see was a gold haired knock out cracking a whip at some cows The whip cracker is wanna be investigative reporter Julie Gillespie She has come to Texas to see Troy and his notes on the Muriel Frost murder When she starts sticking her nose in people s business it starts to get dangerous A very twisted ending that left me feeling shocked, happy

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    Fast paced.

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    This book got marked down solely because of an ending that made no sense and gave me no answers at all Very, very frustrating I hate when books do that, but otherwise I mostly enjoyed this book.

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    Miniseries Sons of Troy LedgerCategory Suspense

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    This is turning out to be a great little series by Joanna Wayne a very nice blend of romantic mystery suspense Can t wait for the next one

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    Fast paced romantic suspense complete with betrayal, a possible serial killer, and a cold case Another page turner from the Sons of Troy Ledger series.

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