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The Cornet-Player Who Betrayed Ireland Read The Cornet Player Who Betrayed Ireland Author Frank O Connor Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Father, I Said, Feeling I Might As Well Get It Over While I Had Him In A Good Humour, I Had It All Arranged To Kill My Grandmother Praised As Ireland S Chekhov, Frank O Connor Was A Modern Master Of The Short Story From An Amateur Brass Band Divided By Partisanship To English Soldiers Who Befriend Their Irish Captors, And From A Child S Comic Confession To The End Of A Small Town Friendship, These Four Humorous And Tragic Stories Refract Universal Truths Through The Prism Of 20th Century Ireland.This Book Contains The Cornet Player Who Betrayed Ireland, Guests Of The Nation, A Story By Maupassant, And First Confession.

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    This book is one of the Mini Modern Classics, a series of fifty novellas and mini collections published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Penguin Modern Classics.There are four stories in Frank O Connor s The Cornet Player Who Betrayed Ireland, all of which, in their different ways, look at the effect of broader social forces on the lives of ordinary individuals Th

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    Ricordando DublinersI racconti di O Connor contenuti in questo volume sono tipicamente irlandesi, nel senso che riecheggiano le vicende e le peculiarit della societ dell isola nel 900 La prosa piana e minimale, nonch il fatto che in molti casi i protagonisti siano bambini, accentuano il carattere quieto delle storie, ravvisabile anche laddove trattano argomenti scomodi

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    Half way through, I would have been tempted to give this collection a lower rating The final piece, however, is one of the best I ve ever read about the estrangement and fall of a childhood friend It s written so seamlessly well that you almost can t believe 20 years have passed in the 17 pages of the story.The other works range from mediocre to good O Connor has the so

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    A stark series of stories telling of dark times, of unlikely and inadvisable friendships, of sinful children, and of sinful adults struggling to find their place in the world, this collection covers a variety of hard subjects but with enough humour and huma...

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    I loved the first three stories in this collection, they are very short, poignant The Cornet Player , sweet and funny First Confession , shocking Guests of the Nation and quintessentially Irish The last one A story by Maupassant didn t impress me all that much but I definitely want to...

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    Not the kind of stories for me generally however, I respect them as classics and the ability to write a complete story in so few words is amazing It was a fair purchase for 2 The title is what drew me to it as a musician.

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    Fine, nothing too exciting Not bad, but wouldn t read again.

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