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DC Confidential Christopher Meyer Was Ambassador To The United States From 1997 To 2003, During Which Time He Was An Eyewitness To And Participant In The Events Following 9 11 And The Preparations For The Iraq War A Riveting And Candid Memoir Of Life Behind The Diplomatic Scenes, Meyer S Book Is An Honest Account Of What He Saw, What He Heard, And How He Felt.

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    Very interesting read from a very connected man Meyer s sympathies clearly lie to the right of the spectrum while his impressions of the Democrats are fair, his portraits of American Republicans are

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    I picked this book up on a whim and then put off reading it based on my perceptions of the genre I always expect political books to be dry and boring, going into details that I am not interested in in too muc

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    Meyer s memoirs provide a picture of British Foreign relations with Clinton and Bush administrations Don t expect great depth from this book It does seem to scratch the surface Yet Meyer does give us his impressions of

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    I have to assume that a book by a senior and experienced diplomat will give an accurate account both of the objectives of a diplomat and the process of trying to meet those objectives As usual in trying to understand how we go a

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    This was a good book, overall It s quite entertaining because of his honest depiction of everything, which is the angle publishers also took to sell the book Thinking this was a review of the building up to the Iraq War following 9 11 I w

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    For a former diplomat, Sir ChristopherMeyer is deliciously indiscreet DC Confidential is an account of his five and a half years as Britain s ambassador in Washington The period covers the 9 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre and the build up to

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    Wasn t sure why I picked this up considering I am neither interested in nor understand politics These are the memoirs of the British ambassador to the US at the end of the nineties and beginning of the noughties I found his writ...

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    Showed how foreign policy is sometimes dictated by accident The author did not appear to like new labour and I think the feeling was mutual George W Bush comes across completely different to the western media portrayal, but then so does Tony Blairs.Recommend but only

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    I thought it was good, the switch from Major to Blair was interesting, the aspect of Catherine and her children in Germany, Jonathan Powell s behaviour was astounding The time around 9 11, the fair mindedness around Blair s reactions It was a good read.

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    Great book, his clear dislike of new labour comes through loud and clear I would have loved to have read it before it was edited by the foreign office bods New Labour s childish tactics weren t a surprise but made good reading Am I giving away my political leanings

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