Reiki And The Seven Chakras: Your Essential Guide to the

Reiki And The Seven Chakras: Your Essential Guide to the First Level It only covers levels one and two but it is by far one of the few Reiki books with actual information on the chakras. Dull reading, and my reiki training booklet had pretty much the same info in 30 pages. I discovered Richards book by accident whilst researching the Chakras, I found it to be an easy and enjoyable read It also helped me get back into Reiki after a 11 year stop This book is a must for Level 1 Reiki practitioners. It s a nice xploration into the charka system with interesting meditations on specific chakra healings I don t know that I would call it the essential guide as it has in the title, but it s still pretty good. Reiki is a unique system of healing that allows you to harness and transmit energy through your hands, restoring balance and harmony within the body and bringing relief to a wide range of physical and emotional problemsThis book, by renowned Reiki teacher Richard Ellis, illustrates all the hand positions used for the first level of Reiki, but it goes much further and shows them in their relation to the seven chakras Chakras are the main energy points of the body and provide the anatomy of energy healing These are different for everyone, and so to practise Reiki effectively you need to understand a person s chakras, which will in turn explain the type of person they are and the health problems they are vulnerable to For example, one person may have an excessive first chakra, making them prone to obesity or digestive problems, and to pessimism, while another may be deficient, making them vulnerable to anorexia and restlessness You would therefore approach these two people differentlyReiki and the Seven Chakras captures the feeling of wonder that surrounds Reiki, but it is also an immensely practical guide So many of the current books on Reiki are very dry, following a formula of detailing the history of Reiki healing and then showing you how to do it This one breaks the mould and is written from a very personal point of view, which makes it incredibly interesting to read and also very accessible essential if you are to understand the true nature and potential of Reiki

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