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Mr Vertigo I was twelve years old the first time I walked on waterSo begins Mr Vertigo, the story of Walt, an irrepressible orphan from the Mid West Under the tutelage of the mesmerising Master Yehudi, Walt is taken back to the mysterious house on the plains to prepare not only for the ability to fly, but also for the stardom that will accompany it

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    For Your Own GoodWhat is this thing A parable of spiritual self development A re telling of the Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the Wicked Witch A case study in Stockholm Syndrome Whatever Auster meant it to be, it is uninspiring, unedifying, and, as far as I can tell, meaningless a collection of miscelaneous writerly nits and pieces dumped in th

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    I read this book for class No, I m not going to follow that with an and thus I hated it , so if that s your type of thing, shoo I won t deny that some of those mandated readings during those readers of yore were a total slog, but that wasif not wholly due to extenuating circumstances of teaching style my young self than the novel itself Now that I m older an

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    A bombastic failure of the Book of Illusions Brooklyn Follies type Oh, these Auster books you know what I mean A very over hyped writer does his own take on the fantastic American Man myth embodiment cough cough silence cough Major pity I read the phenomenal Billy Bathgate , another tidy rags to dirty riches story, earlier this year This is like the Hallmark Movi

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    3.8 I am puzzled and bemused This is a messy novel that is at times bizarre, conventional, thrilling, pedestrian There is a boy named Walt, he is taken under the wing of Master Yehudi and learns to fly with no contraptions he grows up and has several other adventures including a weird thing with a baseball player then he lives a conventional life and thenwell you have

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    I was twelve years old the first time I walked on water The man in the black clothes taught me how to do it, and I m not going to pretend I learned that trick overnight. Mr Vertigo is the story of Walter Rawley, who recounts how at the age of nine he made a pact with the man who promised to teach him how to fly Master Yehudi spotted young Walt on the streets of Saint Louis

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    I listened tothan half of this and could stand it no longer The audiobook narration by Kevin Pariseau is perfectly fine I have no complaints whatsoever on this account It is the book itself I had trouble with It is about a boy who can fly There is absolutely no way I can deal with the fantasy of this I detested the crude, vulgar language Farts and defecating and continuous swea

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    Hmmm Three Paul Auster books under my belt and all three I have awarded 3 stars I had higher hopes for this one In fact I would go so far to say I loved the first third of the book Tis a page turning romp all about Walt, a poorly orphan, who is plucked from his destiny to fulfil another s, that of Master Yehudi For the Master has been searching all his life for the one boy he could

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    I was drawn to read this book because of my fondness for the outstanding writing skills of the author However, I must say that this novel doesn t quite live up to the other Auster novels I have read Perhaps it is the premise of the novel a boy who literally learns to fly This attempt to mix realism with magic realism does not work in my opinion The story is well told and certainly held m

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    Reading this book, I couldn t stop thinking about a very different author, Paul Coelho, who wrote a very similar kind of novel, The Alchemist Both of them area parable than a book, a motivational speaking seminar designed to make you wake up and realize the miracles that you yes YOU could make happen if you only dared to believe they were possible In Mr Vertigo, the feat is flying, in the Alc

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    Once again if it had not been for the 1001 list this is a book that I would never have read and that it would have been a shame To be brutally frank I had never previously heard of Paul Auster let alone Mr Vertigo.Initially it took me a little while to get into this book and I also found it a little hard to particularily like any of the main characters but as I got further into the book theit and

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