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Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers #2) Reading Too Wild To Hold Legendary Lovers 2 Author Julie Leto Oknalubliniec.eu Hot Nights In The Big Easy In The Sultry Heat Of New Orleans, A Masked Man Stalks His Next Preyprivate Investigator Claire Lecuyer In Order To Protect Her, FBI Agent Michael Murrieta The Descendant Of A Real Masked Legend Must Go Undercover At Her Hiding Placea Sensual Retreat, Where Decadence And Sin Beckon From Every Room.Once Immersed In This World Of Pleasure, Claire And Michael Find Themselves Teased By The Languidly Sexual Environment And Their Blazing Attraction To Each Other But Even As They Mask Their True Identities, It S Too Late Now Claire And Michael Are Caught Up In The Dangerand Their Desire And The Longer They Stay In The Sensuous World, The Dangerous It Is

About the Author: Julie Leto

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10 thoughts on “Too Wild to Hold (Legendary Lovers #2)

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    Definitely a spicy read Maybe a little too spicy for my personal taste The hero and heroine had no time to get to know each other In other words no romance involved I didn t feel it was a total waste of time but it just wasn t up to my personal standards.

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    I don t read many Blazes but I found this book to be excellent Really enjoyed it.

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    Setting New Orleans southern mansion safe house apartmentTheme Falling in love revealing oneself honestly trust protectionCharacters Claire Lecuyer ex police officer, but had trouble with the rules that put politics over justice so quit and became a PI that pushed the law where needed to parents heavily into theater and she was raised with benign neglect she has been hired to get Josslyn s

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    Claire LaCuyer is an ex cop turned Private Investigator She s on a case to find a run away mom who frequents sex clubs Claire s also on the look out for a stalker whose possibly raped other women and now has Claire in his sites.FBI Special Agent Michael Murrieta is on the case to catch the stalker rapist Michael follows Claire to the Plantation Ball aka, sex party with hopes of protecting Claire and

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    With book 2 in Leto s Legendary Lovers series, we get to find out about youngest brother Michael Murrieta Michael is an FBI agent who has always played by the rules That is until he must track down and protect Claire Lecuyer from The Bandit, a serial rapist who likes to wear a mask like the famous masked bandit that uses the letter Z as his mark Michael pretty much throws caution and the rule book to the wi

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    This is a sizzling hot romantic suspence story I loved it, the story is full throttle and the relationship between Claire and Michael is super hot and happens very quickly but is believable due to the intense nature of their meeting This is an erotic story that tugs at the heart string and the suspense aspect is masterfully done and I love that Claire is not a wimp in anything and takes an active roll in everything T

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    Good book

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