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The Fallacy Detective The Fallacy Detective Has Been The Best Selling Text For Teaching Logical Fallacies And Introduction To Logic For Over YearsWhat Is A Fallacy A Fallacy Is An Error In Logic A Place Where Someone Has Made A Mistake In His Thinking This Is A Handy Book For Learning To Spot Common Errors In Reasoning For Ages Twelve Through Adult Fun To Use Learn Skills You Can Use Right Away Peanuts, Dilbert, And Calvin And Hobbes Cartoons Includes The Fallacy Detective Game Exercises With Answer Key

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    The Fallacy Detective is written primarily for homeschoolers, especially Christian homeschoolers Most college graduates who took philosophy logic will recognize the fallacies and will appreciate the simple and practical description of those fallacies and the examples of each There are exercises at the end of each short chapter to check for

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    Are you tired of pointless, loud arguments Do you want to know where you re going wrong with your reasoning Read this book Thank me later.

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    This was one of the best school books ever

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    Although the book is labeled as for ages twelve through adult and I purchased this book to teach informal logical fallacies to my high school daughters, my nine year old son read and loved it as well The book is well written in a humorous, conversational style, replete with comics that illustrate the various fallacies, and has exercises that build on and rev

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    I d heard such rave reviews about this book throughout the home schooling community, but was disappointed when I finally purchased it Although I m sure there are excellent logical arguments, I was immediately turned off by what I felt was the superiority complex of the authors.

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    LOL This April fools day, the joke s on me You could say I made some false assumptions about this book when I picked it out from the library, and then went recommending it at least putting it on my Education Resources book list before thoroughly reading it I was pleased to flip through and see headings on ad hominem, red herring, straw man, faulty appeal to authority, l

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    Reading this in class at Co op An excellent introduction to logic, I only wish that the examples were not so US centric The children are definitely learning though, and works well in a 30m class I also do a sheet of logic cartoons to go with the chapter topic v easy to find with Google, lots of great ones out there.

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    A nice introduction to the fallacies, written by local, former homeschooled brothers We liked the simple, easy to read explanations of the fallacies, many of which have become a common part of our language around home Watch out, your kid may call you on a few.

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    I did this last year, and it was a ton of fun Yay for logic P I m pretty common sense logic minded, so this is definitely my thing.

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    this was a sumwhat boring book to me.

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