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Seaside Summer Jessie Starkling is really worried when no one turns up to her family s circus by the sea But when lovable spotted pony Comet comes ashore, Jessie s seaside summer looks like it might turn out to be a real splash

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    spoiler alertFirst chapter, and Comet the magic pony appears Love an author who s confident enough in their plot to not have to spend half the book meandering their way to the point this book delivers on its title refreshing

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    I loved this book because it is magical

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    My nine year old loves all of Bentley s books I find them predictable and formulaic But I m not nine.

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    The book is about a pony called Comet He was trying to find his twin sister Destiny My favourite part was when he found Destiny, because she was in a lot of trouble I didn t like when he had to leave the little girl who was helping him, because the little girl felt sad, and I felt sad too I would recommend this book to kids who like ponies.Alexis aged 6 years 8 months The book is a

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    What did I think of magic ponies seaside summer hmmm that s a hard one umm lets see oh here s a good one I learned that if you get so attached to something that when it leaves you your heart akes so much that you just feel like your going to exsplode with tears

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    it might look like a kid s book but it is actually a really good book that i liked a lot.

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