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Between Friends Absolutely loved this book My mother gave it to me to read one summer and I couldn t put it down It is a classic Audrey Howard work and my mother loved it so much she even named her only daughter yep me after Meg I almost feel as if it s my book haha Brought together by friendship, torn apart by loveMeg Hughes, Tom Fraser and Martin Hunter were friends who had grown up together in the grinding poverty of a Liverpool orphanage Their prospects looked bleak until the friends were sent to help out at Hemingway Shipping Line s emigrant lodging house Then their youthful high spirits blossomed into their plans for the futureBut the First World War brought an end to those plans, and threatened to separate themAs time passes, Meg grows and beautiful, and the love the two men feel for her becomes passionately possessive Meg, in different ways, is in love with both Tom and Martin and is to bear a child by one of themGrief and suffering, as well as happiness and hope, must all play their part before the childhood friends deep and complex relationships are finally and tragically resolved Great story of three friends and how love tore them apart and brought them together. Classic Audrey Howard, a good old fashioned love story with a slightly dark undertone.

About the Author: Audrey Howard

Audrey Howard was born on 1929 in Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK, and grew up in St Annes on Sea, Lancashire, where she lives in her childhood home.Before she began to write she had a variety of jobs, among them hairdresser, model, shop assistant, cleaner and civil servant In 1981, while living in Australia, she wrote the first of her bestselling novels published since 1984 In 1988, her novel The Juniper Bush won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award by the Romantic Novelists Association.

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