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The Lord of the Rings: The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring With Complete And Unrestricted Access To Artowrk Created Over A Five Year Period, This Authoritative And Insightful Book Illustrates The Creative Development Of The Fellowship Of The Ring This Official Publication Contains Exclusive Images, From The Earliest Pencil Sketches And Conceptual Drawings To Magnificant Full Color Paintings That Shaped The Look Of The Film All The Principal Locations, Costumes, Armor And Creatures Are Covered In Stunning Detail, Including Concepts, Storyboards And Images That Did Not Make It Into The Final FilmAs Well As A Wealth Of Sketches, Paintings And Digital Images, The Art Of The Fellowship Of The Ring Contains Photographs Showing How The Creative Process Was Realized And A Number Of Stills From The Film Contributors Include Alan Lee And John Howe, The Two Artists Who Inspired Peter Jackson S Vision Of Middle Earth And Who Worked With Him To Bring His Trilogy To The Big Screen They And A Dozen Other Designers Who Created All Of These Diverse Elements Explain How They Contributed To The Development Of The Film, Giving A Fascinating Insight Into How Middle Earth Was Brought To LifeWith Text Compiled From Exclusive Interviews With Director Peter Jackson, Special Effects Supervisor Richard Taylor, Designers Grant Major, Ngila Dickson, Paul Lasaine And Others, This Unique Book Celebrates The Pivotal Contribution Made By A Handful Of People Which Help Turn The First Lord Of The Rings Movie Into An Award Winning Global Success

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    I read this book and finished it actually quite a while ago and it was an invaluable resource for writing parts of my dissertation Besides that it s also genuinely a really wonderful read with reference to all sorts of excellent concept art, costume design and quotes

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    More pictures at The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring is one of the three art books for The Lord of the Rings The other two being The Art of the Two Towers and The Art of the Return of the King Also available in one condensed edition of these three art books is

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    This is obviously the first of the trilogy I will be writing them up one after another since I was lucky enough to pick them up as a set Now at the time of the films release which I guess was repeated with the release of the subsequent two sequels there was so much material released abou

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    If you had the power of the most powerful ring that could save your life would use it, even if it could kill you Lord Of The Rings is a great series especially fellowship of the ring Fellowship Of The Ring is mainly about trying to destroy the ring that created all Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and so many

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    This was my favorite book of all time

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    Gandalf is amazing, You sall not past Vs the balrog of moria

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    Found on sale for 1.50 in a charity shop by my wife and son and bought as a surprise for me, it s likely an indication of how good the book is that my son has now nicked it off me Kindly, he let me keep it long enough to actually read and enjoy it.Obviously, the vast majority of the book is taken up with sketches, designs and

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    I am almost through the book 4 chapters left The only thing that I despise and adore about J.R.R Tolkien is his love of description and the language he uses The book draws on with no need for certain description and needs of description, but the language draws you in and hooks you to the setting, characters, and theme.Though it may also

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    4.5 5 starsBrief remarks Pretty cool, overall I have read the LOTR Trilogy how pathetic is THAT Lame 4.5 5 starsBrief remarks Pretty cool, overall I have read the LOTR Trilogy the Hobbit AT LEAST once year for over 15 yearsit was a neat chance reading this part with the film based art included I think I ll look for the rest of the set check them

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    I am currently reading lord of the rings fellowship of the ring this is a really good book I think the author did a really good book surprisingly he wrote this before the hobbit I think the author did a really good job of telling the landscape and characters I am now moving on to the second book I gave this book 5 stars I recommend this book to any one who

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