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William Gibson: A Literary Companion William Gibson, author of the cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer, is one today s most widely read science fiction writers This companion is meant both for general readers and for scholars interested in Gibson s oeuvre In addition to providing a literary and cultural context for works ranging from Gibson s first short story, Fragments of a Hologram Rose, to his recent, bestselling novel, Zero History, the companion offers commentary on Gibson s subjects, themes, and approaches It also surveys existing scholarship on Gibson s work in an accessible way and provides an extensive bibliography to facilitate further study of William Gibson s writing, influence, and place in the history of science fiction and in literature as a whole

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    Being used to literary criticisms and companions from my time as an undergraduate I endeavored to read this about one of my favorite authors The preface hits all of the salient points that you expect providing a framework for the author and factors inspirations for his literary work return return However, once I started to read the book it wasn t behaving like

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