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The Little Book of Puns In today s busy world, where text speak seems to be the prevalent form of written English, and the average teenager can barely form a proper sentence without using the numbers 4 or 8 as substitutes for letters, is the pun becoming an endangered species As a society we have come to regard wordplay as old fashioned, obvious humour, because it hinges simply on one word having multiple definitions, spellings or sound alikes It may not be controversial, edgy or even topical, but it actually takes a great deal of skill, wit and general knowledge to come up with a decent pun not everyone can do it The Little Book of Puns explores the dying art of paronomasia and gives us a taste of the very best wordplay history has to offer It harks back to the heady days when intelligence was measured at dinner parties rather than from behind a school desk, when people still wrote letters instead of emails and actually read newspapers instead of checking out a website This book way as well exist in ant gravity, because you ll find it impossible to put down.NB The cover carries the strap line Ingenious Wordplay and Groan inducing Quips but that does not appear on the title page, which is as recorded here at the title.

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    Alison Westwood gathers together some of the great wordsmiths to demonstrate the art of the pun, or in some cases the art of the one liner She selects such as William Shakespeare perhaps surprisingly , Thomas Hood, Groucho Marx, W C Fields, Dorothy Parker Oscar Wilde, Mae West and Robert Benchley among others Some of the quotes are very punny, some m

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    Don t expect deep literary analysis for that, perhaps try Walter Redfern s Puns More Senses Than One This is a lighter run through of punsters through the p ages, from Shakespeare to Tim Vine via the likes of Dorothy Parker, WC Fields, Tommy Cooper, and a Wilde West punfight , with profiles of each and a selection of their most notable calembours Westwood

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