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The Craving Manhattan Thrives On Desire The Longing For A Better Apartment A Higher Paying Job Fame Simon Burns Ought To Know, Since He Nearly Lost It All His Job, His Family, His Home But Now Things Are Turning Around, Thanks To The Pack Just When He Thought He Hit Rock Bottom, Simon Found A Group Of Friends, Daytime Dads Like Himself But There Was Something Off About Michael, Charlie, And Ramon, And Simon Found Himself Slowly Changing Into The Kind Of Man He Gave Up Trying To Be A Long Time Ago And Rediscovering The Most Primal Of Hungers There Were Nights He Made Constant Love To His Wife, Nights He Roamed The City Streets, Nights He Doesn T Even Remember And It S One Of Those Black Outs That S Going To Come Back To Haunt Him For Simon Isn T The Man He Once Was In Fact, He S Not Really A Man At All Any He S A Member Of The Pack And Once You Re In, It S Impossible To Get Out

About the Author: Jason Starr

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Craving book, this is one of the most wanted Jason Starr author readers around the world.

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    I read the first book and enjoyed it, so I thought I d give this one a try despite some negative reviews I would advise you not to waste your time I can recap exactly what happens spoilers follow Simon worries he will wolf out and hurt someone he loves He s quit having sex with his wife even though he sexually desires her He still eats a lot of meat and loves to go running His wife,

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    I enjoy anything about werewolves This one was a little confusing A lot of build up then it s over in a chapter and..The Pack was the same.Worth the read if this is your thing but don t expect all the loose ends to be tied up in a nice bow

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    This book Ugh I thought the The Pack was on the low end of mediocre, so I really just read this out of curiosity It is justridiculous.This part, word for word from the protagonist sums my feelings up Okay, okay, look, he said I ve been going along with you on this, I mean I ve been listening to what you have to say I m willing to believe you re a hundred forty one years old and a wolf bit your fathe

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    A good sequel to the fantastic The Pack Really anticipating a third installment.

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    It as good as the first predictable Easy read though.

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    Starr once again makes werewolves seem plausible Hiding in plain sight, the werewolves of Starr s New York are far from the blood thirsty hounds of vampiric lycan mash ups of other novels Their craving and blood lust held in check by coping mechanisms passed down by members of the pack to the newly converted The pack held strong by a unique bond that segregates them from the rest of the world while also keeping them part o

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    Simon has grown accustomed to being a raving werewolf but that is not gaining any favor with his wife Alison While he tries to prove that he loves her, and is simply having a medical condition, she is apprehensive about believing him especially since he is not as intimate with her Simon will do anything to satisfy her needs but he is afraid that he is going to manhandle her, thus he refuses to give in the luring temptation As a st

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    This book seemed to find Simon fighting a fight on 2 fronts First at home and then again with Michael and the pack So much of the book was about Simon and his marital problems It was easy to see why, he was hiding so much from Allyson With this book I didn t care for Allyson, she was a harpy, the first to jump to conclusions and even go so far as to start down the road of betrayal I m glad that Simon came clean with Allyson, but do wonder

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    I have to say that this is probably a muchrealistic and practical description of what a werewolf would really be like if they did exist From that stand point I like the story even if it s a bit gruesome in some spots However, I just haven t been able to get into the unfolding of the story While it makes sense to describe in such great detail the struggle in his marriage and the wishi washiness of the main character, and the wife for that matter,

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    The first book is called The Pack by Jason Starr Anyways, I am usually weary about series for you know how the first book in the series is just incredible and then you read the next book and it is just a belly flop, not with The Pack series The Craving kept my interest until the end and I am now ready for the next book The book does leave some loose ends so it can open for the next book Jason Starr is a great author, with these books anyways There is som

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