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Nothing Short of Perfect First comes marriage and Justice St John has a plan Using a foolproof equation, the brilliant scientist designs a program to find the perfect woman But after a night of unexpected passion, he discovers that Daisy Marcellus is entirely the wrong woman and it s back to the drawing boardBut their passion has consequencesAnd when Daisy with little Noelle in tow tracks him down, she brings life and color and chaos to his cold and orderly world Their negotiations for the future are just starting when Daisy discovers he s still searching for the perfect wife

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    Not very impressive but it s ok.

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    Wow, what an utterly DIRE situation.Geekaholic genius hero, Justice St John, who doesn t feel emotions and speaks like a computer Yeah, I could get behind that I was looking forward to his story, actually, and yes, I did enjoy reading from his POV and internal narrative.Until I met his heroine, Daisy Marcellus Whom I couldn t stand Whom I kind of sort of hated Whom I found to be a manipulati

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    This book was certainly very different because I have never read about acold and scientific hero than Justice, I mean reading about his software s and the way he lives reminds you of mad freaky scientist as Daisy refers so many times.Justice is a brilliant man if emotionally closed off and an accident makes him realize how truly alone he is in the world so he decides he will find the perfect

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    This was a good fun read,Justice Daisy are poles apart,Daisy is a warm person where as Justice he is literally a cold person he does nt feels anything,all emotions he knows is as definitions.Justice Daisy share a history now Daisy has found Justice then she comes know what happened back 10 years ago,Justice is very angry and bitter towards Daisy they part again then after 19 months Daisy final

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    Totally different hero If you ve seen The Big Bang Theory the hero is very similar to Dr Sheldon Cooper He is totally scientific He writes a computer program to find a wife He is very literal and he can t understand sarcasm He does seem to haveof a sex drive though Since I m a huge fan of TBBT, I really enjoyed this book The hero Justice and the heroine Daisy were young lovers who were torn apa

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    3.5 stars.A recommendation from a group I m in, I just can t remember which one Daisy and Justice knew each other when they were teenagers He was a foster kid in her parents house She lied about her age telling him she was 16 she was actually almost 15 to his 17 When her parents found out they were intimate, they kicked him out to a group home with everyone thinking he was a perv and he lost his

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    Le do en Marzo 2013 2.75 estrellasEstuvo normalito para pasar el rato

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    Nothing Short of Perfect was a pleasant surprise I bought this book because I ve been on a Harlequin Desire kick and I loved the blurb I love a story of a geeky guy getting the girl Justice St.John is no ordinary geek He is a billionaire many times over thanks to his inventions He lives in solitude with his agoraphobic uncle, Pretorius After being in a car accident, Justice realizes that he has no

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    Good book Both Justice and his uncle are so emotionally clueless that they are amazing to watch Justice thinks he is incapable of love, but can t see that he has loved Daisy since they were teenagers When they meet again ten years later, they have a glorious night together before he remembers who she is and what happened in their past When she tracks him down later, after Noelle is born, they must

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    You knowthis book had some serious potential, but it just didn t quite get to where it needed to be I think this is one the author should revisit and rework in about a decade It TOTALLY has potential to be so much better than it is The characters rise above incredible adversity to become successfulyet they are still empty, wanting, lacking They find each other a decade or so later, come togetherand

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