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Tough Girls Don't Dance TOUGH GIRLS DON T DANCE is a raw, gutsy story tracing a young country girl s life from the innocence of a chilhood through her rude sexual awakening and finally to the realisation of the power of love Explicitly graphic in detail, this book explores all aspects of human sexuality through Carlene, who in spite of what life throws at her, manages to pull herself up by her own efforts, though perhaps not always doing so nobly About the Author Osmund James lives in rural Jamaica Physically disabled, he keeps his mental powers alert by voracious reading and prolific writing His short stories have been appearing in The Sunday gleaner since

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    also jamaican street erotica well written

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    No bossI saw this title in a list of Caribbean books just a while ago and the feelings came rushing back It s how you feel when you suddenly see an ex from a bad break up on the street and you just want a place to hide.This book is erotica but it s not well done The sex which sometimes appeared seemingly out of the blue reads as if it was written by a very sexually frust

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    This book was magnificent I purchase it every time I travel to Jamaica because someone always borrows my copy and never returns it Please beware because the story is extremely graphic with some disturbing sexual content If you re a fan of Zane, E.Lynn Harris, Carl Weber then you may enjoy this graphic twist of scandal sex This book was magnificent I purchase it every time I t

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    idk how to get to read dis book online r download it

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    Raw sometimes too raw It definitely pushes the envelope as the sayig goes and the author takes risks.

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    Very interesting read The grammar and ending was somewhat off for me though

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