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Shepherds & Butchers Leon Labuschagne s livelihood depends on death Atnineteen, he is a warder on Death Row a shepherd whocares for the condemned and a butcher who escorts themto the gallows After a gruelling two week stint in whichthirty two men were hanged, Leon loses control, with tragicresults And now he s the one facing the death penaltyOnly the most precarious line of legal argument standsbetween Leon and the gallows Chasing a defence, hisadvocate trawls the deepest recesses of life in the Pot thetwilight world of Death RowA gripping courtroom drama steeped in the factual,Shepherds Butchers begins in , a year in which people were executed Two years later, the last man wentto the gallows in Pretoria, after than four thousandhangings that century This novel portrays legal executionin unprecedented detail, revealing its devastating impact onall those involved

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    A lawyer takes on a case of a prison guard in South Africa who is traumatized by the executions he s witnessed.A movie was made based on this book.

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    Although set in South Africa, the book s themes are universal, and, in my view, should be compulsory reading in Criminal Procedure, Criminology, Jurisprudence Philosophy of Law and Forensic Psychology courses.I rated this book four although I toyed with 5 for two main reasons first, the author t

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    This is the most disturbing book I have read in a long time, if not ever If I did not have work and other commitments, I would have read the book in one sitting It is not a crime novel, or a suspense novel I don t really know what genre it would fit into The events in the book take place in a time whe

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    In the cycle of killing there is a beginning, but no end Lawyer Johan Weber, has just returned to his chambers after a long and tiring session in court The last thing he needs is for anyone to arrive unannounced Unfortunately, his desire to have some quiet time is interrupted when his secretary comes into h

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    Shepherds and Butchers is a gritty and disturbing novel that draws on the author Chris Marnewick s huge personal experience of the South African criminal justice system as an advocate and judge, takes a no holds barred look at the vexed issue of the death penalty and South Africa s violent crime epidemic In the f

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    I found the book a brilliant read It makes the reader think The four stars are for the few irregularities in the book that was told to me by someone close to me that worked there in that exact year 1 They did not get payed per hanging.2 there were no washers on the coffins.3 the person that gave the details to the auth

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    What a wonderful book I saw the movie and was so mesmerized, I just had to read the book as well I was not dissapointed.I think this is book that each and every South African should read You will certainly look differently at the death penalty.Just something I ve never thought about, is the fact that a warder spend a few mon

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    Dark and haunting.There are many reasons that makes this book a good book, but part of me always knows that other people may think different than me and may find reasons why this book is not so great as I make it out to be So I played with the idea of giving the book 4 stars just in case this story is not perfect In the end I gave

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    May 25, 2017 50.0% 55 57You can t want from men to be Shepherds and Butchers choose one May 25, 2017 15.0% But they become monsters slowly by slowlyTaking humans life has never been an easy jobWho gives you the right to take somebody s life May 25, 2017 15.0% They thought that they are doing good punishing the bad boys May 25, 2017 Star

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    Gripping story that you cannot put down It will give you a whole new perspective on capitol punishment.

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