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Shameful Thirty nine year old Joanne accidentally meets Alex, a sixteen year old stud who gradually coalesces with her family This wouldn t ordinarily be a problem, except Joanne feels vulnerable to Alex s charms since her husband has been away for months Throw in Joanne s fourteen year old daughter, who falls for Alex immediately, and you got a recipe for disaster Joanne s best friend is an attorney who cautions about Texas s age of consent while Joanne s mother warns about the consequences of infidelity But neither can derail Joanne s collision course once sparks begin to fly and ignite to full blown passion Alex is the drink of water Joanne has been looking for and once she has a sip, she falls hard into a situation that cannot end well for anyone Or can it

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    I loved the first 3 4th of this book, but the last 1 4th was a hot mess of drama This book wasn t as salacious as the title led me to believe I think the age difference didn t bother me as much as I thought I finished this audiobook in one day It was like watching an episode of reality tv a train wreck that you can t avert your eyes from I found myself shaking my head in disbelief, but I was al

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    Good, Bad Right, wrong Premeditated, or just fate In real life, however, even though experience often demonstrates that it s not that simple, we can t shake off the expectation that the difference between right and wrong is going to be easy to sort out.The reader feels so helpless, crying out don t, don tbut of course she does The agonizing suspense is reminiscent of the film Notes on a Scandal same

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    First of all the idea of a grown woman having an intimate relationship with a 16 year old guy is not really that controversial to me since where I m from the age of consent is 15 This is not a twisted tale of a female predator disguising as a housewife and mother nor is it a tale of a ruthless woman corrupting a man too young to know his own good so if you re in to that kind of kink then this is not the

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    For open minded over 18 s only Joanne is a desperate housewife with an absent army husband and though financially secure she is most certainly not happy Feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated a moments loss of concentration during the drive home from a weekend with the in laws changes her life in ways she never imagined Dicey has hit on a very controversial subject here that could possibly offend some read

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    This was an intense, emotionally draining, hard to put down read, surprisingly I really enjoyed it.

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    I finally stopped waiting until I had time, and MADE time to read this autographed novel, sent to me by the incredibly talented diceygrenor Dicey, who introduced the literary world to a narcoleptic vampire, has written a disturbing, yet deeply emotional, story about one of society s greatest taboos The author has no issues with sexuality in her other works, and could have gone that route with this tale, but instead has

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    Disclaimer I Recevied a copy of this book in return for an honest review Where do I start with Shameful I do love taboo books, they give me an extra escape and really get my brain going so I was excited to start this book It was a well written book and did a great job touching on a very Taboo subject without turning it into a dirty book about pedophilia The relationship between Joanne and Alex starts innocently enough and y

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    This is possibly the hardest book I ve ever put a review up for My conclusion is that Dicey Grenor s writing makes me optimistic about reading her paranormal romance novels.Joanne is a 39 year old mother of three who falls, slowly, for sixteen year old Alex The hardest part about reading this was that I wanted to shake Joanne until she went to therapy for her post partum depression, distorted thinking, and inability to cope with

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    Shameful, by Dicey Grenor Shameful is Grenor s first novel, and I do have to agree with the author, the behavior of the heroine was indeed, shameful However, this did not take away from the fact that the book was an interesting read It hooked you from the opening paragraph, until the final, unexpected ending This story had everything, love, sex, unfaithfulness, heartbreak, and then self fulfillment The heroine spans the gamut You hat

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    Let me first say, as a mother of a teenage boy, the woman who put her hands on my son would regret it for the rest of her very short life That being said, I loved this book I found myself rushing home from work and immediately picking up where I had left off, neglecting housework, and staying up late because I just couldn t put it down I had to keep turning the pages to see where the author would take the story Throughout the book Joanne

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