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Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and Live) the Best Stories Will Rule the Future Trying to get your message heard Build an iconic brand Welcome to the battlefieldThe story wars are all around us They are the struggle to be heard in a world of media noise and clamor Today, most brand messages and mass appeals for causes are drowned out before they even reach us But a few consistently break through the din, using the only tool that has ever moved minds and changed behavior great storiesWith insights from mythology, advertising history, evolutionary biology, and psychology, viral storyteller and advertising expert Jonah Sachs takes readers into a fascinating world of seemingly insurmountable challenges and enormous opportunity You ll discover how Social media tools are driving a return to the oral tradition, in which stories that matter rise above the fray Marketers have become today s mythmakers, providing society with explanation, meaning, and ritual Memorable stories based on timeless themes build legions of eager evangelists Marketers and audiences can work together to create deeper meaning and stronger partnerships in building a better world Brands like Old Spice, The Story of Stuff, Nike, the Tea Party, and Occupy Wall Street created and sustained massive viral buzz Winning the Story Wars is a call to arms for business communicators to cast aside broken traditions and join a revolution to build the iconic brands of the future It puts marketers in the role of heroes with a chance to transform not just their craft but the enterprises they represent After all, success in the story wars doesn t come just from telling great stories, but from learning to live them

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    A Brilliant New Book on Marketing Destined to be a ClassicIf you ve never seen the wildly popular online videos The Story of Stuff and The Meatrix, do yourself a favor and check them out These two outstanding examples of the marketer s craft embody the insights revealed in Jonah Sachs outstanding new

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    This book is great The first half of this book is about the concept of storytelling using his unique formula, building a memorable brand and how you can avoid sabotaging your story with learning what The Five Deadly Sins of story telling are The next half of the book is so meaningful in the approach t

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    I think this book is going to really rock my world I just listened in to a webinar yesterday given by the author, and based on that, I m pretty sure the book which I m only about 20 pages into is going to be incredibly informative, useful, and uplifting Will report back

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    The Author s description of how humans relate to stories felt so true it was as if he was reminding me of information that I had forgotten rather than trying to teach new material Extrapolating that into the world of marketing was very eye opening.

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    Strong start to this book Great concepts Liked the principles as well as the chapter on sins marketers are committing Thought the tie in for business could have been a little stronger.

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    This should be required reading for all Marketers Filled with advertising campaigns from history that illustrate the author s points, this book takes you on a journey a battle between dark marketing vs the new enlightened marketing that iseffective in today s digital world you start out soaking in the sto

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    3.5 stars Good marketing techniques book with nice examples and great takeaways I ll definitely be referencing it in the future Good for grad school

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    Winning the Story Wars is an Impressive book Its a book about branding and marketing Arthur Jonah Sachs explains about how a Story plays important role in marketing In old day humans are always obsessed with stories We share our thoughts or information using storytelling In those days leaders or mentors use

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    Sachs wrote a marketing book with a twist He offers a compelling story for marketers to change their marketing tactics from treating them as passive consumers, to empowered doers who act as brand heroes for your company.Sachs argues that by combining story and myth we can create truly revolutionary ad campai

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    This book had much promise, and did partially deliver on the promise There were some very good points about the art of story telling, and myth, and I think that Jonah started well I like the concept of the book and, in many ways, he was very smart to focus on the art of story telling through marketing message

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