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John Prebbles Scotland A Journey Through Scotland S Landscape By The Acclaimed Author Of Culloden And The Highland Clearances This Is A Voyage That Spans The Borders, The Highlands And The Isles, Drawing Upon A Rich Store Of Social History, Anecdote, Folklore And Literature. I have visited Scotland many times, and read much of her history, but it is a difficult country to get to know Her historical relationships with other nations, particularly the English, are on shifting sands Alliances and treaties, enmity and warfare, if the time traveller were to suddenly appear in some other century he would not automatically know friend from foe Internally, the situation becomes even confusing There is a basic cultural divide between Lowlands and Highlands But even within the Highlands, the area that seems to figure prominently in the annals, alliances are formed and broken on the whim of clan chiefs Or perhaps it is not so much the chief s whim rather which side he thinks will be successful and therefore the useful ally What we are left with today is a romantic notion of a dignified and honourable Highland way of life, disrupted and almost brought to an end by the insensitive and cruel English In reality, Scottish Lowlanders often fell victim to unscrupulous and violent marauding bandits who swept out of the mountains and retreated there with their booty Deceits and cruelties practised by the King s men were often matched by the clans, against each other But the myth prevails England is The Auld Enemy When England play Scotland at Hampden Park or Murrayfield Scottish passion mounts to a frenzy In contrast, England s supporters are passionate when their team plays Germany at soccer or New Zealand at rugby or Australia at cricket The au

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