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Meet Rochelle Evans pretty, popular and never been kissed Meet Noah Flynn badass, volatile and a total player And also Elle s best friend s older brother When Elle decides to run a kissing booth for the school s Spring Carnival, she locks lips with Noah and her life is turned upside down Her head says to keep away, but her heart wants to draw closer this romance seems far from fairy tale and headed for heartbreak But will Elle get her happily ever after The Kissing Booth

About the Author: Beth Reekles

Beth Reekles is a young author from Newport in South Wales She s an undeniable bookworm and an avid drinker of tea Beth has been writing on platforms such as Wattpad, to great acclaim, for a year or so her first novel, The Kissing Booth, which she wrote at the age of fifteen, was the most viewed, most commented on teen fiction title on the site, with over 19 million reads and 40,000 comments The Kissing Booth was winner of the Most Popular Teen Fiction Watty Award, and was also shortlisted for the Young Adult Romance Novel of the Year in the 2014 RNAs Beth has a three book deal with Random House, and has published her books The Kissing Booth, Rolling Dice, and Out of Tune with them.She s currently an undergraduate of Physics at Exeter University.Visit her blog here

10 thoughts on “The Kissing Booth

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    iBooks was promoting this one as a fun new YA book so I picked it up Couldn t even finish it, it was that bad The girls chirped all the time, the guys smirked and threw punches, and there were typos all over the place Not to mention, th

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    First of all, let me say this I get it I understand why Elle fell for Noah The hot bad boy who turned into a romantic guy Who wouldn t want that I m so happy I read this book Even though, from my point of view, the movie was better this ti

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    I haven t actually finished this book, but right now, I m about to give up on it Considering it s a Wattpad story, I m not really surprised Don t get me wrong, for a story originally posted on a site like WattPad, this is good, and I m not su

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    This book was pretty terrible For many reasons.For brevity s sake, I will limit my review to one main reason it was terrible it was written by a 17 year old girl The writing was ok I m being generous, because she is after all 17 The main problem

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    The utter insipidity, the fundamental mediocrity of this, coupled with the fact that not only Random bought it, but Netflix made a film of it, and that millions of teens fell for it, gives me a major fright I mean Major.Thank God I regularly see se

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    Find all of my reviews atJust think All this, just from the kissing boothFirst things firstI would give that cat every single one of my dollars.Now let s get on with the show.When nearly every minute of your life serves as a reminder that Sometimes yo

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    1.5 stars, and that s being generousI had such such high hopes for this, I saw the movie on Netflix, and thought to myself oh maybe this will be a guilty pleasure like The Duff, I literally LOVED that and thought maybe it would be the same for this Sadly

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    A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves youElbert HubbardBeth Reekles, a bestselling English author, has penned a sweet and pretty entertaining teenage contemporary fiction called, The Kissing Booth that revolves around a female high sch

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    This isof a 3.5 than a 3.This book was pretty sweet.I d recommend this book to younger teens It s the kind of story I would have lapped up when I was thirteen and fourteen, very fluffy and girly.I certainly got exasperated at points I couldn t understand why s

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    Not sure how I feel about this It wasnot a healthy relationship most of the time and where were the parents when they didn t come home at night I only read this because I wanted to watch the movie and I have this weird, must read the book before you can watch the

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