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Y Y That perfect letter The wishbone, fork in the road, empty wineglass The question we ask over and over Why My life begins at the YSo begins the story of Shannon, a newborn baby dumped at the doors of the YMCA, swaddled in a dirty gray sweatshirt with nothing but a Swiss Army knife She is found moments later by a man who catches only a glimpse of her troubled mother as she disappears from view All three lives are forever changed by the single decisionBounced between foster homes, Shannon endures abuse and neglect but then finds stability and love in the home of Miranda, a kind single mother who refuses to let anything ever go to waste But as Shannon grows, so do the questions inside her Where is she from Who is her true family Why would they abandon her on the day she was born The answers lie in the heartbreaking tale of Yula, Shannon s mother, a girl herself and one with a desperate fate Yula spends her days caring for her bitter widowed father and her spirited toddler Eugene until the day she meets Harrison, a man who will protect her but also a man with a dark past and stories yet to be revealed Soon they are expecting a daughter but as Yula goes into labour, she and Harrison are caught in a tragic series of events that will destroy their family and test their limits of compassion and sacrificeEventually the two stories converge to shape an unforgettable story of family, identity and inheritance Written with rare beauty, wisdom, and intimacy, Y is a novel that asks why even as it reveals that the answer isn t always clear and that it may not always matter

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    I received this book through Goodreads First Reads.I don t think I have ever been so sad to see a book end It caught me by surprise and I must have stared at the last page for 5 minutes before I finally closed the book It was like saying goodbye to a friend that yo

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    It seems ironic that the day I choose to read Y is the day this quote comes up on my twitter feed When writing a novel a writer should create living people people not characters A character is a caricature How right Ernest Hemingway was indeed My galley copy of Y seems

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    A baby is abandoned at the Y Why Why do people choose the forks in the path that they do People are so often incapable of recognising choices They lack a perceptual awareness of their own abilities to influence their own course through their life The novel follows the story

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    This novel is gorgeously written It is told from the point of view of Shannon who, as an infant, is abandoned by her birth mother on the steps of a YMCA But the narrative also explores the incidents leading up to this moment It s a heart breaking, aching sort of story in so many

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    The past year, 2012, has been a period of achievement and excellence for Canadian fiction, with particularly strong contributions from women authors such as Nancy Richler The Imposter Bride, Alix Ohlin Inside and Linda Spalding The Purchase There have also been positive comments in th

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    The book starts with Shannon describing how she was abandoned as a newborn on the steps of the YMCA just before it hoped at 5AM Shannon is the narrator She tells us her story and that of her parents that led to her being abandoned Neither story is bright and sunny but ultimately Shannon s

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    Truth be told, I wrote this book off as something that was slightly out of my intellectual reach Even if the story sounded simple enough, I m shamed to say that I didn t get it.I had a completely different opinion after I read it the first time I was unable to get over myself See, I get so comf

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    For the first sixteen years of her life, Shannon never knew her parents Left by her mother on the steps of a YMCA just hours after her birth, the young girl s abandonment is witnessed by only one man Her destiny remained bleak and uncertain as she was shuffled through foster homes, her name altered

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    My life begins at the Y, is the first sentence of this brilliant story of a foundling who struggles to make her way in a world not always so friendly or kind Not only did I love the travails and triumphs of this character, but I was also captivated by the writing I can wholeheartedly give this book a sol

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    I found this to be a quiet book, not a lot of high drama, even when the events could have been told that way, like when her foster father beat her The book itself takes on the emotional style of the child mostly quiet and watchful, waiting to see whether the developing circumstances turn out to be good or bad

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