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Catastrophically Consequential The Kindred Spirit Doppelg Nger Prot G Of Hideous Exuberance Incorporates Non Linear Plots, Comical Rants, Unsettling Inner Monologues Stream Of Consciousness Dream Sequences, Surrealistic Scenarios And Time Traveling Characters Revel In The Chaotic Confusion Of Sociopathic Celebrities, Suburban Swingers, Suicidal Trust Fund Girls, Decadent Jet Setters Medieval Princesses, Evilangelists , D List Standup Comics And Disreputable, Vindictive Lost Souls That Search In Vain For Metaphysical ClarityPlease Refer To The Blog Posting On The Stephen C Bird Author Profile Page For Quotes From Goodreads Reviews For Catastrophically Consequential

About the Author: Stephen C. Bird

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Catastrophically Consequential book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen C. Bird author readers around the world.

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    I won this book in a giveaway and received it yesterday I read the first two chapters and was basically confusedwas it deep dark what the heckThen my 22 year old daughter came home from work I had her read the first two chaptersshe had the same look I had while reading it Suddenly, she began reading the third chapter out loud to my family We found ourselves laughing out loud at the sometimes brilliant, funny, and definitely strange ramblings She read the entire book to us It I won this book

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    Brilliant If you a take the time to read this small book you will LOL many times and I hate that acronym I did not really want to read a satire a dead medium.but after I did I was refreshed and revitalized..There is still art being produced via words in this country Bird is a bitter even nasty man but so fing smart you will be humbled Keep in mind this book was written for art sake With little or no encouragement.In another era before I pad 2 s and we all save people on this great Brilliant If you

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    I encourage anyone who considers herself at all literarily adventuresome to dive into the weird world of the words of Stephen C Bird Like its predecessor Hideous Exuberance, Catastrophically Consequential plays with language to an extent seldom seen even in the most experimental fiction The language reveals character and the author s relationship with his characters, and realities are toyed with to the max There is time travel, there are explorations of extreme degradation, and people who ar I encourage a

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    I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.I m going to be 100% honest here, if I hadn t won this book in the giveaway and subsequently felt that I should review it I probably would have never picked it up I started reading this book on April 20th and managed to read two chapters that day I then attempted to read the third chapter and felt so overwhelmed that I had to stop I didn t pick it up again until the 24th of April For four days I stared at Catastrophically Con I received this book

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    Initial reaction WHAT seriously, what What Did I Just Read I can t even describe how twisted this book is My brain is still trying to grasp the words my eyes were reading, if you can call them words Wait I take that back Of course, they re words. They re just special words I m not even mad My comfort zone just expanded Thank you, Stephen C Bird I don t even know how to summarize Catastrophically Consequential, the sequel prequel to Hideous Exuberance Within this book is a wideInitial reaction WHAT seriously, what What

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    This is a really well titled book, for one thing Catastrophically Consequential is a seeming humble brag, a bombastic statement name la A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, though Bird s collection of stories about stories about stories bears no resemblance whatsoever to Eggers steady account of his rise from tragedy Stephen C Bird s work contains tragedy, for sure not as a pit you rise from, but built right into the architecture of language and identity Catastrophically conse This is a really well titled book, for one

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    Treasures of the Unknown December 12, 2012 By Nina Klein This review is from Catastrophically Consequential Paperback I had read Mr Birds first book Hideous Exuberance which I thoroughly enjoyed and this second book was truly an art form in itself It has beauty, greed, spiritualness the ugliness of the world, the truth about what s happened to our society and was also beautifully entwined with the past and the present Mr Bird has such a visual and artistic imaginaton it is very eas Treasures of the Unknown December 12, 2012 By Nina

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    This cleverly crafted, ironic short story with its clich and satirical themes is truly remarkable and quite extraordinary Totally genius, clever and ingenious this spectacular short story is just breathtaking The concoction of celebrity merged with the bizarre, peculiar and individualistic characters makes this a real treat for any reader who is seeking something different and quite out of the ordinary Brimmed full of wit, sarcasm, realism and truth drawing poignancy this thought provoking, This cleverly crafted, ironic short story with it

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    In keeping up with the idea of how short this book is, I will be writing a review that contains exactly 152 words which is equivalent to the amount of words in the book starting now Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C Bird is something so different from books out there, it was worth reading Although there is really no obvious storyline or genre it in someway can be related to poetry in the way that it has a deeper meaning at certain times I honestly feel this book is destined for In keeping up with the idea of how short this book is, I wi

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    Whoa A new classic So This is surrealism I m not that smart I read it twice I underlined parts that I thought were particularly weird, fascinating or I just felt needed to be pondered It felt like the thing to do I am amazed by this book It s not an easy read but worth the effort, if you are a culture vulture and have been bored to tears by contemporary fiction and haven t finished Ulyssesstill I suggest reading Hideous Exuberance first, so you get the author s style and then Whoa A new classic So This is surrealism I m not that smart I read it twice I

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