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Samejima And Sasahara Are Friends They Go To College Together, They Re In The Same Year, And They Even Work At The Same Place But When Samejima Confesses His Feelings Run Deeper, Their Relationship Explodes In Passion And Irritation Sasahara Tries To Ignore Samejima, And He Tells Him To Wake Up He Tries To Accept Him, And Samejima Plays Hard To Get It S Enough To Drive A Man Crazy, In Way Than One Samejima-Kun & Sasahara-Kun

About the Author: Koshino

Name in native language Associated Names AOT 14 D KosinoJuuyondaiJyuuyondaiKosino

10 thoughts on “Samejima-Kun & Sasahara-Kun

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    A really enjoyable story about two friends who slowly become lovers Unlike with Dear Green , there s a heavy emphasis on the comedy, and there s a lot of bickering But the artist did a great job capturing the awkwardness that arises when a relationship changes There also were no clearly defined uke and seme roles, which I always like The art, though, wasn t that great, but considering that the story was so much fun I didn t mind th

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    Not For the Faint of Heart Samejima Kun and Sasahara Kun ReviewSo I picked this upbased on the description than the cover, because that cover doesn t do the book justice at all First off, it gives entirely the wrong idea of which guy is into the other at first, and it also just makes them seem kind of creepy Fear not, the interior art I found muchappealing, and this is a book that I found so adorable It is cute It is so cute I can har

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    a fun read 4.5 5

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    I m very, very picky with my Yaoi these days I m not satisfied with typical storylines, shoddy plot and mediocre art Sex can get me to read something, but it won t get me to buy it I need substance, heart and endearing quirks I need something that pulls me into the story and the characters and has me rooting for them from the start I need to care.I got all of that with Samejima kun Samejima and Sasahara work a I m very, very picky with my Y

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    full video review hereA cute storyof the comedy than for romantic plot Sometimes the art came off busy and I wished there wascharacter development between the two MCs full video review hereA cute storyof the comedy than for romantic plot Sometimes the art came off busy and I wished there wascharacter development between the two MCs

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    This is my FAVORITE yaoi comic ever I read it online over and over and over again and happened to find it at long last at a Half Price Books Even though it was exorbitantly priced, I bought it because I wasnt going to let it get away from me The story emphasizes the awkward uncertainty of falling in love particularly falling in love with a friend Their fumbling relationship reads beautifully real to me.

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    Una pareja que me ha dado mucha gracia

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    Son demasiado tontos Los quiero mucho.

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    Why do BL manga always have to have such shady consent It s super annoying and gross.

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    So I picked this up because the summary seemed to be promising me an idiots in love story and those are one of my favourite types of romances Happily that is exactly what I received D What an incredibly awkward pair of human beings So much conversation and step backs and awkward interactions of awkwardness It was GR8 I didn t even skip the sex scenes, that s how much I liked their dynamic 3.5 stars see the thing about yaoi is it is full of extremely gross re

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