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My Sisters Keeper Epub My Sisters Keeper By Jodi Picoult Anna Is Not Sick, But She Might As Well Be By Age Thirteen, She Has Undergone Countless Surgeries, Transfusions And Shots So That Her Older Sister, Kate, Can Somehow Fight The Leukemia That Has Plagued Her Since Childhood Anna Was Conceived As A Bone Marrow Match For Kate, A Life And A Role That She Has Never Questioned Until Now Like Most Teenagers, Anna Is Beginning To Ask Herself Who She Truly Is But Unlike Most Teenagers, She Has Always Been Defined In Terms Of Her Sister And So Anna Makes A Decision That For Most Would Be Unthinkable, A Decision That Will Tear Her Family Apart And Perhaps Have Fatal Consequences For The Sister She Loves.Told From Multiple Points Of View, My Sister S Keeper Examines What It Means To Be A Good Parent, A Good Sister, A Good Person Is It Morally Correct To Do Whatever It Takes To Save A Child S Lifeeven If That Means Infringing Upon The Rights Of Another Should You Follow Your Own Heart, Or Let Others Lead You

About the Author: Jodi Picoult

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Sisters Keeper book, this is one of the most wanted Jodi Picoult author readers around the world.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Have you ever read a book that really pissed you off Pissed you off so much all you could do was rant about it until everyone told you to just shut up This is that book for me.Picoult s dialogue is excellent, but her characters annoy me and the ending of this book was such a cop out I almost wrote her an angry letter about it, but decided against it, as she d nev

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    If you re planning on reading this book, don t read my review I give away the horribly disappointing ending On second thought, don t read this book, read my review I know several people who have read this book, so I decided to give it a go I was immediately intrigued by the subject of the book The Fitzgerald family has one daughter, Kate, dying of kidney failure The kidney failure is a result of her weary body s 14 year battle with a rare form of le

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    As I said before I m still reading this book but I m not sure why My mom lent me the book and she loved it, everyone tells me they loved it and I m sort of hating it while I read I just want to finish it and move on Maybe I ll change my tune when it s over.Well I hate it less, but I m still not in love with it I think I know the problem, though It s Jodi Picoult My mom loves her, my sister loves her...

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    this book is a shameless and unskillful manipulation of human emotions i felt dirty when i was done with it the story is on par with cheap natural disaster movies like deep impact that are formulated to tug at your heartstrings in very predictable ways the author painfully over uses the dramatic blackout technique where she writes a line that s trying too hard to be clever or profound and then fades to black aka, leaves extra space before the next paragraph or ends

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    This was a horrible read Premise Great Should be really interesting Execution Terrible.Ending Basically the worst ending I ve ever read in anything Ever Wish I wish someone had spoken up after the first read and called out the author on some of the really bad plot devices and decisions in thi...

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    This book was stunning In writing, in style, in plot, in character It truly is one of those books that you really can t stop reading Especially for me, because in a way it took me back to my Lurlene McDaniel days Did anyone ever read her She was always writing books about different teenagers and young children with terminal illnesses I was addicted to those books So it was no surprise when the young reader in me sort of jumped up when I saw a friend of mine reading this book and s

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    Anyone who has a kid has probably, at one point or another, battled with them at bedtime That s what I do, every night There is much yelling, crying, begging and pleading It s horrible.Kid 3 is out like a light, so she s not part of the problem Kid 2 puts up a good fight, whining and tantrum throwing, but eventually she succumbs to her sleepiness Kid 1, however well, she s another story altogether At night, she s afraid of everything and feels that if she sleeps something will get he Anyo

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    I hate novels where parenting is questioned, simply because I too often find myself thinking, Well I would never do THAT I then have to do the whole knock on wood routine and hope that I didn t just invite divine retribution for being too judgmental So it was with Jodi Picoult s novel My Sister s Keeper After reading the summary of the novel, I knew that I would never make the choices t...

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    Rating fifteen one thousandths of a single star out of five p44 2018 UPDATE Anyone who thinks that this idea of growing a new kid for replacement parts is a good idea should read Altered Carbon or watch the glossy, gritty Netflix show.Many are the yodels of praise for this horrifying book The details of the main character s use as a farm animal for afavored older sibling are too grisly to recount without vomiting on my keyboard.People die Even when we don t want them to, and even when Rating fifteen one

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    Spoiler Alert This review contains spoilers.I hated this book so much I only kept reading it because I had to find out why Campbell, the lawyer, had a service dog, since he kept that such a secret I hated the clich s Julia chose just that moment to crash through the door Anna chose that precise moment to speak up Rita chose this moment to gag on bad writing.I hated the overwrought melodrama Everything was just so saturated with heavy handed tear jerking prose that the book was soggy and Spoiler Alert This review

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