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Cloaked in Moonlight Elaina has always been fond Graham but until she follows him to the Moonlight Theater, it s never been than a crush In the darkness of the theater, with a cloak hiding her face, she indulges in her fantasies with GrahamWhat she doesn t know is that he s a shifter and that his wolf eyes see as well in darkness as in light Once his secret is discovered, Elaina must determine if her passion for him is strong enough or if she is too terrified to ever see him again

About the Author: Sable Grey

Sable Grey resides in the deep south of the United States with her wonderful husband, very spoiled dog, and three crazy cats She spends her time researching her genealogy, designing cover art, watching movies, and reading.With favorite authors like Stephen King, Piers Anthony, and Iris Johansen, it s no mystery where the inspiration to write tales of love, adventure, and mystery come from An avid reader and storyteller at a young age, Sable began writing small stories as a child for her mother However, it wasn t until she was well in to her twenties that she realized that her calling was sharing her stories with a larger audience than just family members and friends.Now, Sable is dedicated to her craft and to bringing her readers quality fiction with unforgettable characters For her, writing a story means writing a story meant to touch the mind, body, heart, and soul.

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