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In real life, as in Grand Opera, arias only make hopeless situations worseKurt Vonnegut, Jr., TimequakeTimequake was one of the first books my wife ever gave me I don t know why it took me so long to read I WAS a huge fan of Vonnegut 20 years ago when we first got married and I loved my wife Clearly, I at age 23 I wasn t a fan of Vonnegut enough or trusted my wife s taste in books enough I think I was just fearful Vonnegut was just mailing a final novel in This was one of the last things he published, and I think it was his last novel I might check this and find out I was wrong, it happens Anyway, I think all three of us were right My wife was beautifully right in buying me Kurt Vonnegut Kurt Vonnegut was right in writing it I was right in waiting I wasn t ready for this book I m now 20 years closer to death I am now a father to two pimply teenagers who are sleeping tonight waiting for their parents to pretend still they are Santa and bring them goodies on Christmas morning We are all pretending the best we can We are all making the best of this short spin on Earth I am now in a place where I can functionally GET the older Vonnegut better I can get better his take on free will, money, morality, and art Timequake isn t a great novel, but it has absolutely brilliant parts I love its lines and sentences better than I liked the book It Timeless Impression If this isn t nice, what is Kiss Me AgainBy Kilgore TroutSome people think that science fiction doesn t give an author much opportunity to write about herself Whether or not this is true, I thought I might tell you a little about my family, if not much about me and my role in it.Before I start, I should warn you that I do not propose to discuss my love life Not that there s much to tell you about anyway.That said, I still can t get over how women are shaped, especially their butts and boobs Dicks are nothing in comparison, believe me.That s enough about me Let s talk about my parents Both my father and my mother were criminals, though only my father went to prison My mother s only crime was to let my father ejaculate in her birth canal I don t know how many times this happened, but I assume that I am the product of one occasion.Likewise, my father only committed one crime, though, unlike my mother, he didn t repeat it My father shot my mother when I was only twelve years old I don t know why or whether it had anything Well, I just read Galapagos, one of Vonnegut s finest novels, and Timequake is not in that club I, as with most Vonnegut fans, am perfectly content reading Vonnegut write about the phone book or fleas or jazz His rambling is like music to our ears But this book is not one of the best of his books Not the best or most original rambling from him Though one occasion for the book becomes the death of Kurt s dear brother Bernard One attraction here is that both guys are science guys who are funny Well, Timquake meanders from topic to topic, and isn t really a novel, it s a series of reflections and one liners, but I still was mildly entertained, maybe 2.5, and here s some stuff I liked On play and invention Listen We are here on Earth to fart around Don t let anybody tell you any different On books I am eternally grateful for my knack of finding in great books, some of them very funny books, reason enough to feel honored to be alive, no matter what else might be going on But by accident, not by cunning calculation, books, because of their weight and texture, and because of their sweetly token resistance to manipulation, involve our hands and eyes, and then our minds and souls, in a spiritual adventure I would be very sorry This is an odd mix of fiction and autobiography Narrated by the author himself who is not fictional , while relying on stories and quotations from the old science fiction author Kilgore Trout who is There are fake stories, true stories, and all of them will tell you something about being human, in all its terrible glory Extenuating circumstance to be mentioned on Judgment Day We never asked to be born in the first place The universe happened upon the same question that hits us all, often for no particular reason and out of nowhere What the hell am I supposed to do with myself Do I continue expanding or do I quit and start over In its understandable confusion and crisis it shrinks a bit and sends everyone back 10 years, forcing everyone to relive every moment, fully aware of having done it all before, but incapable of changing anything A nightmare really and they have to relive the 90s I say, not knowing if the 90s really were awful, because I was a baby and then a child for all of it, Ting a ling I once asked someone, though, what it was like being young in the 90s and he said it was certainly ugly referring to the fashion, so it pro Timequake PDF Epub Author Kurt Vonnegut Oknalubliniec.eu Kurt Vonnegut Este, Fara Indoiala, Unul Dintre Cei Mai Mari Scriitori Americani Graham Greene Cand Un Cutremur De Timp Arunca Intreaga Omenire Cu Zece Ani In Urma, Pamantenii Se Vad Nevoiti Sa Si Retraiasca, Fara A Putea Schimba Nimic, Ultimii Ani Din Viata, Incepand De La 17 Februarie 1991 Ideea Ii Apartine Batranului Scriitor De Science Fiction, Kilgore Trout, Alter Ego Al Autorului, Ale Carui Povestiri Impanzesc Naratiunea, Venind In Completarea Evenimentelor Astfel Aflam Despre Existenta Buubuulingilor, Extraterestri Dotati Cu O Inteligenta Stralucita, Care, Odata Cu Aparitia Televiziunii, Refuza Sa Si Mai Foloseasca Imaginatia Transformandu Se In Niste Fapturi Rautacioase Si Lipsite De Sensibilitate Despre Cele Trei Surori B 36 , Numite Astfel Dupa Un Bombardier De Pe Planeta Pamant, Dintre Care Cea Mai Rea E Om De Stiinta Despre Doctorul Schadenfreude, Psihiatrul Care Le Interzice Pacientilor Sa Mai Rosteasca Pronumele Eu , Intentionand Prin Aceasta Inedita Terapie Sa I Elibereze De Propriul Sine Urmarind Epopeea Tragicomica A Vietii Personajelor, Autorul Isi Reaminteste Intamplari Din Propriul Trecut, Impanand Naratiunea Cu Mici Povestioare Moralizatoare, Anecdote Si Comentarii Pline De Umor Si Autoironie Cutremur De Timp, Roman Ce Impleteste Abil Elementele Autobiografice Cu Fictiunea, S A Aflat Luni De Zile Pe Lista De Bestselleruri New York Times. I m suprised that I found some of Vonnegut s later, less talked about books as enjoyable as some of the classic ones But I enjoyed Bluebeard, Hocus Pocus and Timequake just as much as Slaughterhouse 5, Cat s Cradle, 2ND READ THROUGH There s a lot going on here Ruminations on life and regret, but strangely enough, Vonnegut s trademark cynicism doesn t quite sound so cynical to me Dare I say, there s a lot of hope and gratitude contained in this a book that functions like an autobiography so than the novel within the novel it s marginally attem . I hate to say this because I love Vonnegut Cat s Crade and Slaughterhouse were pure genuis satire at it s best I also liked Sirens and Breakfast of Champions even though they were not of the calibre of his best works However, I am starting to fear that most of his other books are a waste of time I think people read them only because they love Vonnegut and they desperately want to experience again the simple delight of discovering books that can shake you and engulf you I did not enjoy Vonnegut s short stories much as I wanted to and I had to give up on Timequake That s right Put it to rest before completing it At some point in his life, Vonnegut appears to have stumbled upon a formula a superbly quirky and poignent style and a set of peculiar characters to go along Miserably pathetic, gloriously mournful, wonderous people, dredging through the absurdities of life But it is still sorely disappointing when you see the same themes and characters repeated in his other books Thinly veiled, these books are suspiciously like rejected drafts of his successful novels or tired attempts to re create ma Timequake

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Kurt Vonnegut, Junior was an American novelist, satirist, and most recently, graphic artist He was recognized as New York State Author for 2001 2003 He was born in Indianapolis, later the setting for many of his novels He attended Cornell University from 1941 to 1943, where he wrote a column for the student newspaper, the Cornell Daily Sun Vonnegut trained as a chemist and worked as a journali

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