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Confident Ruby Confident Ruby Confident Ruby is, first and foremost, a book about joy about the joy I found when I first discovered how elegantly and succinctly I could state problems in Ruby code It s about the joy I gradually lost as the real world snuck in and Confident RubyPatterns for Joyful Coding EnglishAchetez et tlchargez ebook Confident RubyPatterns for Joyful Coding English Edition Boutique Kindle Languages ToolsConfident Ruby by Avdi Grimm The Pragmatic Confident Ruby is a guide to recapturing the joy of writing Ruby by employing small patterns and stylistic choices to make each method tell a coherent story Avdi Grimm Confident Ruby is, first and foremost, a book about joy It s about the joy I found when I first discovered how elegantly and succinctly I could state problems in Ruby code It s about the joy I gradually lost as Confident RubyPatterns for Joyful Coding by Confident Ruby is a book you can learn a lot from, especially if you don t just read it, but instead use it as a base for reflecting on your ow What I particularly like about his writing is that while tackle all the common pitfalls in everyday software development, he generally doesn t offer one size fits all solutions, but is willing to explore a range of possible alternatives GitHub waterlink confidentby Be confident andConfidentby Be confident and narrative when writing code in ruby Gem contains useful abstractions for eliminating most condition and switch smells, treating anything just like a duck, implementing barricade and null object pattern efficiently Installation Confident RWBY AMV YouTube Confident Edited Artist Demi Lovato Writers Ilya, Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Demi Lovato Licensed to YouTube by UMG on behalf of Hollywood BMG Rights Management US , LLC, LatinAutorConfident RubyPatterns for Joyful Coding, Confident RubyPatterns for Joyful Coding Kindle edition by Grimm, Avdi, Metz, Sandi Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Confident RubyPatterns for Joyful Codingconfident ruby Comprehensive Ruby Programming From beginner to confident programmer by Jordan Hudgensout ofstarsKindlePaperbackGet it as soon as Wed, OctFREE Shipping byMore Buying Choices used new offersConfident Ruby in Chromepet, Chennai by ConfidentConfident Consortium is coming up with elegant residential apartments at Chromepet titled Confident Ruby Each apartment is carefully designed for the best look, beautiful interiors, sufficient ventilation and offered with world class amenities Offered in a range ofBHK , these are built with top branded floorings and fittings

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    One of the best Ruby books I have ever read Besides the concepts for confidence and conversions, it s also an awesome toolbox with several techniques to write confident code It covers things such as nil checks, tests of an input object s type, error handling and others I ll probably spend a few days studying and working on the examples.

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    There are specific improvements I learned for the first time by reading this Most of what s written however is something I have already known through work It s great to read this along with Sandi Metz book on object oriented programming with Ruby.

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    I always liked Avdi s work, from his Ruby Tapas, to his blog and personal videos on handling rough time in his life, he seemed wholesome and decent human being to me and a great programmer of sort rarely met nowadays.This book is a direct projection of his personal traits and view of how the programming should be done And the book is really good, even though it isof a collection of essays on

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    A real joy of a book to read Each chapter and sections is presented as a recipe for how to writeconfident code code that is clear in its intent While quite a few of the recipes are Ruby specific, I think the core patterns presented throughout are applicable to anyone interested in Object Oriented programming or method design I ve been applying the approaches Avdi lays out in the book while re

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    There s a lot of great advice in this book This isn t a book on learning the Ruby language, but rather how to write Ruby code that is clear, idiomatic, and tells astraightforward story Both intermediate and experienced Rubyists will find much to learn or identify with I especially enjoyed the sections on Ruby s conversion protocols, which I haven t seen formally described elsewhere.

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    Great read Showed a lot of interesting ways on how to use Ruby in different circumstances.

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    Lots of Ruby tips and tricks by the guy who runs OO class with Sandi Metz Worth reviewing every once in a while

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    This book is a must read for developers that know the basic and want to learnadvance technics I enjoy reading this book, I thank the author for this gift.

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    This is hands down one of the best short, practical books on Ruby I have ever seen, and it was well worth the price It s full of advice and insights that you can put to use right away, and Avdi puts things together in surprising ways sometimes His Exceptional Ruby is another essential book, even though there s some overlap here His approach to problems is unique, interesting, and thought provoking

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    What a useful book to read for a Rubyist I m really glad I joined a second technical book club to read this book The writing is very clear, the examples are generally not too difficult to understand, and there are rationales for when you would want to use these patterns that will help make those judgment calls Also, the patterns are at a good level of detail not too large where you might feel like,

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