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The Hound of Ulster This saga of the Irish Celts is re told by Rosemary Sutcliff with a magical weaving together of passion and poetry The boy who takes up the spear and shield of Manhood on this day will become the most renowned of all the warriors of Ireland, men will follow at his call to the world s end, and his enemies will shudder at the thunder of his chariot wheels So the prophecy went, and as the boy Cuchulain heard it, he went forward to claim the weapons of his manhood This is the story of how he became the greatest of heroes the Hound of Ulster

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    Prolific English children s author Rosemary Sutcliff, perhaps best known for her novels set in Roman Britain, here retells the life story of C Chulainn, one the greatest figures of Irish myth and folklore The son of Dectera Deichtire , here a half fairy woman, the boy Setanta is sent to be raised by his kinsman, Conor Mac Nessa, and gains his true name C Chulainn, the Hound of Cullan t

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    Irish, violent, heroic, pagan, and in general, reminiscent of Beowulf, knights, and stories of honor and revenge.About half the women suffer and the other half are bad asses Maeve and the witches make some great antagonists Cuchulain himself seems to be positioned against women and they end up being his downfall.A few of the episodes are definitely borrowed from other tales the Champion ch

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    Reading Sutcliff s forward is, I think, necessary for a full adult understanding of the tale she s retelling Cuchulain was my favorite of the Irish hero legends fairy stories as a child, and in the intervening time I really haven t read anything about them So rediscovering the story, so well written, was fascinating Not to put too fine a point on it, but everyone s kind of an asshole in these

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    This is a retelling of the Irish legend of Cuchulain, the Hound of Ulster It is well told, but here Sutcliff is following the original stories as they were, without embellishing or expanding, I found itarid than her other books.

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    I think it s worth bearing in mind that this book reads very much like a retelling and not like a historical fiction novel As such, I m perhaps a little too close to the subject to fully enjoy it I study medieval lit for a living Like with Sutcliff s other books, I adored the way the author does her best to stay faithful to the source material and do the time period justice In many ways, this novel ac

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    A haunting tale that lives with me 15 years later and that I have re read numerous times.I don t know if a book has resonated with me as much before or since.This book is a must for anyone from Ulster or Ireland for that matter or anyone who wants to explore what makes us Irish the way we are.I grew up on these legends in Armagh and will pass this book on to my kids and their kids God willing.

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    Great story highly recommendedI loved Rosemary s rendition of this tale My own has taken a wholly different tack, but that does not detract from Rosemary s version With no written records of the time, it is difficult to imagine how things might have happened Great read.

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    Wonderful re telling of a very strange but powerful story.

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    Mythic and moving

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    Tragically this one was useless for the essay so the humiliation of carting this cover round the library was in no way allayed

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About the Author: Rosemary Sutcliff

Rosemary Sutcliff, CBE was a British novelist, best known as a writer of highly acclaimed historical fiction Although primarily a children s author, the quality and depth of her writing also appeals to adults She once commented that she wrote for children of all ages from nine to ninety Born in West Clandon, Surrey, Sutcliff spent her early youth in Malta and other naval bases where her father was stationed as a naval officer She contracted Still s Disease when she was very young and was confined to a wheelchair for most of her life Due to her chronic sickness, she spent the majority of her time with her mother, a tireless storyteller, from whom she learned many of the Celtic and Saxon legends that she would later expand into works of historical fiction Her early schooling being continually interrupted by moving house and her disabling condition, Sutcliff didn t learn to read until she was nine, and left school at fourteen to enter the Bideford Art School, which she attended for three years, graduating from the General Art Course She then worked as a painter of miniatures.Rosemary Sutcliff began her career as a writer in 1950 with The Chronicles of Robin Hood She found her voice when she wrote The Eagle of the Ninth in 1954 In 1959, she won the Carnegie Medal for The Lantern Bearers and was runner up in 1972 with Tristan and Iseult In 1974 she was highly commended for the Hans Christian Andersen Award Her The Mark of the Horse Lord won the first Phoenix Award in 1985.Sutcliff lived for many years in Walberton near Arundel, Sussex In 1975 she was appointed OBE for services to Children s Literature and promoted to CBE in 1992 She wrote incessantly throughout her life, and was still writing on the morning of her death She never married.http author rosema

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