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What if being eye fucked could get you pregnant Jack is a college student who suddenly finds himself in possession of a magical relic forged by the wizard Merlin himself It s a tiny magic portal which slips over his penis and allows him to enter the vagina of nearly any girl he can think of His ordeal begins as unbelieving experimentation, but quickly transforms into a driven compulsion as the relic s power changes him, forcing him to breed hundreds of women by long distance, none of whom know who s pumping their vaginas full of his seed As hundreds of inexplicable pregnancies pop up around his college and spill out into the city, Jack s destiny becomes inextricably entwined with that of the greatest wizard in HistoryNote The edition of Merlin s Magic Wang on various story sites was essentially the rough draft of this one This story is the Director s Cut edition, and is roughly x longer than the publicly accessible versionThis memorable novella involves unconventional remote sex, pregnant sex, and breeding and impregnation on a truly massive scale Merlin's Magic Wang

About the Author: Ken Haramiru

As my stories suggest, I live in a large city on America s west coast I m gainfully employed at a large, faceless corporation, and live with my wife and several adorable pets Like any super hero, I write at night and keep my alter ego shielded from the public.I ve been writing science fiction off and on since my teens, but either couldn t finish stories due to writer s block, or they were fan fiction and thus unpublishable Then one day I picked up the keyboard again, got frustrated with a block, and just wrote a sex scene It was a spectacular one, and once it was over I learned that this was a genre I could actually write stories in That was a bit of a tough self revelation for me.Eventually though, the two halves of my author persona came to an uneasy truce the erotica writer in me actually writes, while thetraditional author hovers over his shoulder begging for my stories to have real content.

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