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The Knave Of Hearts In His Own Solo Adventure Ace, The Knight Of Heart Castle, Is Known Throughout Wonderland Not Only For His Master Swordsmanship, But For His Tendency Towards Cruelty Can The Charming Alice Lidell Mellow Ace And His Violent Ways Perhaps Ace Will Even Fall In Love With Aliceif He Doesn T Kill Her First.Also Includes A Special Bonus Feature A 44 Page Crimson Empire Short Story Alice in the Country of Clover

About the Author: QuinRose

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Alice in the Country of Clover book, this is one of the most wanted QuinRose author readers around the world.

10 thoughts on “Alice in the Country of Clover

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    Being a bit of an Alice addict I decided to go in for another Country of Clover book and I am beginning to question this series as a whole I certainly liked the Country of Hearts series and I thought it would be fun to see Alice with some of my chosen favorite characters but now I m not so sure Bloody Twins the first of the collection I read I enjoyed and yet gave it a not too strong of a rating and it seems like the rest of the

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    It was a nice manga butI was REALLY CONFUSED The original manga that I read, Alice in the Country of Hearts, displayed that all the guys liked her but she ended up with Blood However, in the spinoffs, she ends up with all these other guys I mean likewhich guy does she like At first, in the original manga, I was like Oh my god Blood is so handsome, he is so getting Alice in the end He did eventually.Then, I read this manga, The Count

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    I feel cheated out of 13.99First of all, the actual story with Ace is about 2 3 of the book The rest of this book contains Crimson Empire, which I read and didn t like for various reasons So, 14 bucks for a book that only contains 66% what I purchased it for Damn you, QuinRose See if I buy your books any if you keep this up _Now then, for the revi...

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    As the title suggests, this is an Alice X Ace story I like the theory of being lost Given how unpredictable life can be, let alone love, it s hard to make the big decisions Do I admit my feelings Do I run away Is he lying Is he really thinking about us Overall, I find Ace to be a confusing character I can t tell what he s thinking, but as best I can tell he s a bit of a sadist He hates his role find out why in Alice in the Country of Joke

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    For this Alice storyThe Artwork Good news It s by the same person who did the Bloody Twins one shot and I love that artist It s Mamensouke Fujimaru by the way The art is so beautiful in my opinion and the artist can capture expressions well I love the costumes outfits in this one again I love the detail that was brought into this one as well I love the anime eyes and the wild hair I just love this artist s work.The Story I do like it but I w

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    A bit disappointed that about a third of the book isn t the main story but parts of a different story altogether.

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    After completing the original Alice in the Country of Hearts, I was intrigued enough to continue reading all the other character arcs In this volume, the focus is on Alice s relationship with Ace Ace has always been one of my favorite characters of the group His lovable ability to get lost just about anywhere coupled with his at times ruthless behavior has always been a fascinating juxtaposition of character traits for me Unfortunately, I don t th

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    WELL that was one hecked up pairing just hecked the heck up view spoiler like it started on shaky ground to begin with but when they were making out and ace started strangling her and alice just lay back like yeah alright, you do your murder thing bb, this is what love does to a girl apparently hide spoiler ace alice some truly hecked up ishi picked this up because i wanted to see where they were going with ace s whole rebel against assigned roles th

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    My least favorite in the series so far, which is really disappointing because I usually love Ace and I was hoping to get to know him better in this volume This was shorter than most of the others that I ve read, and it suffers from a severe lack of plot which is saying something for a series that usually uses a gunfight or swordplay to segue from one scene to another It really felt like the author said, Well, we ve got this series and Alice ne...

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    After reading several of these what if books now, I m getting a bit sick of the introduction pages, lol Anyway, as for this book..I can t say I loved this book I didn t I liked it, but didn t love it.This time around, I just wasn t feeling this pairing was authentic She just says she likes Ace out of ...

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