The House That Jesus Built: A Welcome to Christianity

The House That Jesus Built: A Welcome to Christianity People are often curious and occasionally apprehensive about what the church is like Not many people come sliding out of a reformed pipeline and straight into a pew they come from all over the religious and non religious spectrum We don t want people to be surprised in a bad way about what they will encounter thus this book Although written for a Presbyterian church, it does not assume that only Presbyterians are reformed, happily many Anglicans, Lutherans, Baptists and others would place themselves under the reformed banner and can find help in this little book If you want a clear yet enriching introduction to the Christian faith that also displays the importance of participation in the local church, you can t do better than this primer. I first read this back in 2008 and it remains an excellent little book on the basics of Christianity Short, humorous, clear and with good stories that clarify thedifficult teaching.

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