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Mr Lynch's Holiday Welcome to Lomaverde a new Spanish utopia for those seeking their place in the sun Now a ghost town where feral cats outnumber the handful of anxious residents A place of empty pools, long afternoons and unrelenting sunshineHere, widowed Midlands bus driver Dermot Lynch turns up one bright morning He s come to visit his son Eammon and his girlfriend, Laura Except Eammon never opened Dermot s letter announcing his trip Just like he can t quite get out of bed, or fix anything, or admit Laura has left himThough neither father nor son knows quite what to make of the other, Lomaverde s Brits Roger and Cheryl, Becca and Iain see in Dermot a shot of fresh blood Someone to enliven their goat hunting trips, their paranoid speculations, the endless barbecuing and bickeringAs Dermot and Eammon gradually reveal to one another the truth about why each left home, both get drawn further into the bizarre rituals of ex pat life, where they uncover a shocking secret at the community s heartMr Lynch s Holiday is about how families fracture and heal themselves and explores how living abroad can feel less like a holiday and like a life sentence

About the Author: Catherine O'Flynn

Catherine O Flynn, born in 1970, is a British writer Her debut novel, What Was Lost, won the Costa First Novel Award, was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award, The Commonwealth Writers Prize and The Southbank Show Literature Award It was longlisted for the Booker and Orange Prizes She was named Waterstone s Newcomer of the Year at the 2008 Galaxy British Book Awards.Her second novel The News Where You Are, published in 2010, was shortlisted for the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize, an Edgar Allen Poe Award and was a Channel 4 TV Book Club selection.Her third novel Mr Lynch s Holiday is published in 2013.

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    Exceptional talented writer, unique stories You have to get used to them, but they grow on you, I find I had the same experience with the other two books I read from this writer A smile and a tear If a book does that to you, and this one did, it s a four star for me It s about Dermott Lynch, a retired Irish busdriver who flies out to Lombaverde in Spain, after his wife died, to visit his son who started living there with his girlfriend wor

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    I often think of Catherine O Flynn s superb debut

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    O Flynn is a wonderful writer In Mr Lynch s Holiday, she artfully explores the relationship between a recently bereaved father in his seventies and his thirty something son, Eamonn, whose wife, Laura, has recently returned to her childhood home in England to think things through A few years back, the young couple had left gloomy, drizzly Birmingham for sunny Spain, but the builders of the hastily constructed, Bauhaus styled housing estate they settled in

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    Reading other reviews, I can t help feeling this book is underrated by many I enjoyed both of Catherine O Flynn s previous books, but I think she reaches new heights here Ignore the Daily Fail s claim that she s a comic genius yes, there are funny incidents and characters, but this novel is farthan social comedy O Flynn is a very worth successor to Jonathan Coe in her ability to combine humour and pathos, often in the same sentence.The setting is one that s very

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    Catherine O Flynn is a fine writer with an ability to take the ordinary and make it fresh, funny and moving A retired bus driver decides on a surprise visit of his son in Spain The son is marooned in a housing development that has subsequently gone bankrupt and is at loss with what to do in his life On the face of it is all a little mundane, pragmatic salt of the earth father sets out to rescue helpless university educated son with his struggles What makes it such an enj

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    This is my first reading of Ms O Flynn s work, and I found it an incredible blend of insight, and humor It deals with several subjects that continue to confound us as we age Feeling of being disconnected with our lives, feelings of having made terrible choices that we can t rise above, feelings of having lost our closest family members over time, inability to cope with actual loss The author brings such a refreshing, reassuring viewpoint to the ageless mystery of fathers and son

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    This is the sort of novel that sneaks up on you and steals its way into your heart, without warning Set in a crumbling Spanish housing development encased in foreigners dreams, this novel tells the story of father and son Dermot Lynch, a retired Birmingham bus driver, has gone on vacation to visit his only son, Eamonn.Without being prepared for his father s arrival, Eamonn doesn t have time to make excuses to prevent his father s unexpected visit Meanwhile his life is falling apart His

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    A wonderful, charming read by the funny, talented and wise Catherine O Flynn Eamonn s wife Laura has left him and returned to England to rethink their relationship Left him alone in their near empty new development home in Spain, surrounded by unfinished houses, current residents unable to sell after the corrupt developers left everyone in the lurch Eamonn s father Dermot has recently buried his wife Kathleen, Eamonn s mother Dermot spent his life as a bus driver in Birmingham and decides to A

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    A strange but lovely story about Dermot Lynch and his son, Eamonn, with referenced appearances by their wives, Kathleen and Laura, respectively And then, there s Lomaverde.Opening lines He arrived on a cloudless day As he stepped onto the tarmac, he looked up at the sky and saw nothing but blue and the traces left by other planes.Thoughtful passages He found the pay phones and pulled an address book out of his bag The book was ancient, a faded lady with a parasol on the cover, the Sellotap A strange bu

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    I managed to complete this book but found it rather dull and the characters very one dimensional The plot seems very weak to me and I couldn t really take to, or care about, any of the characters Once I d finished it, I was curious to see ratings on this site and was very surprised to see some very positive ratings and reviews not all Each to their own, I know, but I really couldn t see much to like 2 stars because it was easy enough to read.

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