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Jingle Bells Christmas MorningThe day was fresh and bright as Lottie and Jack hurried excitedly to look at their Christmas stockingsThey were empty it s that Cat, Lottie grumbled He always spoils things Lottie and Jack are two tiny mice with a very big problem That Cat On Christmas morning, they decide to fix their feline woes once and for all with the help of Tin Chee, a wise rat If their plan succeeds, they will surely rings in a Happy New Year for all except that Cat

About the Author: Nick Butterworth

Nick Butterworth was born in London and grew up in a sweet shop in Essex He worked for various major graphic design companies before becoming a full time author and illustrator Among his picture books are Thud , QPootle5, Jingle Bells, Albert le Blanc, Tiger and The Whisperer, winner of the Nestl Gold Award But he is best known for his stories about Percy the Park Keeper, which have soldthan 9 million copies worldwide Percy has also appeared in his own television series.

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    Rather twee, but I do like the twist on the classic fable about belling the cat Pahrump

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    When Lottie and Jack find that their Christmas has been ruined by That Cat, who eats their Christmas dinner and sabotages their Christmas stockings so that they don t get any presents from Santa , the two mice decide that enough is enough, and set out to address the problem Taking the advice of Ton Chee the rat, they leave a very unexpected present on the doorstep for their feline adversary, one that is entirely in keeping with th

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    A fab book that I was gifted as a child I still feel like it holds up well today Lottie and Jack are fed up with the neighbouring Cat eating their food, spoiling their fun and taking their Christmas presents so they team up with a rat and gift the Cat a gift that ensures they ll never be bothered again I would use this book to focus on characterisation and mystery, by looking at the rat Ton Chee Can the children recognise that Ton C

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way..Now Angus can t sneak up on us, when we go out an play A cat has ruined Christmas for two mice by eating all their food for the winter and so they get back at her by giving her a present The present is a bell collar and her owner makes her wear it Now they can hear the cat coming because of the bell.

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    This is a humorous tale that puts an interesting spin on a Christmas gift The narrative is short and the illustrations are colorful We all read this book separately and had a good chuckle at the ending.

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    Lovely to snuggle up and read with younger children Jingle Bells is a delightful festive story made all thespecial by the fact that it comes fastened with a bright red ribbon with a small bell Copyright Tracy Terry Pen and Paper.

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    His animal illustrations are so adorable

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    A cute kids Christmas book.

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