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Never Let Go Inspired by true eventsThe first day of college gives every girl a chance to reinvent herself I go and screw mine up by meeting the most gorgeous guy I ve seen in five years while talking to my cat But Andrew Crowner is far from judgmental By the end of our interaction, he has me smitten by his easy manner and kind smile And from the way his eyes linger on me before he leaves, I start to think that maybe I ve caught his attention, too I let myself believe that luck may finally be on my side That is, until I stumble on my roommate, and her overnight guest Spencer Ashford Lean, tattooed, and sexy as sin, Spencer is exactly the type I need to avoid I would have no trouble with that were it not for his swift and inexplicable interest in me Suddenly, I go from a girl with next to no experience with boys to one caught in the crosshairs of two completely different men Andrew s interest is wholesome and sweet Spencer s is edgy and raw My choice should be easy But there are always complications, and sometimes, matters of the heart take the least expected turns

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    My review is also posted on my FaceBook page First of all I was recommended this book by a friend on here, I never really read the blurb that cover was prompting me to read it, hello my name is Kat and I am a cover hoe PAIGE We first meet sweet and innocent Paige her first day of college talking to her tabby cat Pickles, by Andrew who had to be the first guy she meet

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Paige meets Andrew, hero 1 on first day of college 1 3rds into the book about 5 meets later she s infatuated enough to promise to wait for him for a full semester because they can t be together until then.Also and not in this particular order She meets Katy, her new roommate bff, and Spencer,

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    I ve read Scarlet Edwards Change of Hearts books and loved it This one, the verdict is still out there It s 3.5 a bit of a limbo stars for me.The book is definitely well written, funny and romantic Paige was brought up by her grandmother in a very conservative way The mantra drilled into her at the all girls boarding school she attended is that sex is bad Her whole life has be

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    Never Let Go is an amazing story right from the beginning but I do want to warn you because most people HATE LOVE TRIANGLES this is one of those books that has one but it is so muchthan a love triangle because yes Paige the main character is in love with two different guys the guys are so muchthan what you would normally read about in a love triangle One guy is sweet and sensitive

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    Review to come as part of the blog tour I m going to try to do this review with no spoilers, but some are inevitable I really enjoyed this book, the characters can be annoying sometimes with their actions, but I guess that makes themhuman We meet Paige as she is starting her freshman year at college She meets 2 guys on her first day and is infatuated with one, Andrew, and in lust with a

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    4.5 Star Review by AnnieNever Let Go will hold you captive the whole way through You will not want to eat, sleep, or tinkle, because it will take time away from this book Yes, it is that good Once you finish the book it will still have you thinking about it Lately I have been in a book rut, yes, I have read amazing books, but nothing that has captured me This book ended my rut After taking c

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    I started Never Let Go one evening and didn t finish until wayyyy after my bedtime I was drawn in by Paige She wasn t one of the leading ladies that had me constantly rolling my eyes, nor did she make decisions that made me want to accidentally slap her Edwards wrote wonderful characters that endeared me to them, and made me want to knowand .Meet 19 year old Paige, she finally breaking out on her

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    The stunning ripples of his abdominal muscles make my insides clench up His shoulders, chest, and arms are lean and cut A Light grazing of hair trails down the midline of his torso, disappearing from view at the tan line at his hips For a brief moment, his pants ride down far enough for me to glimpse the top of some tattoo that starts on the top of his left quad PaigeThe story starts off as Paige arri

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    This book just didn t do it for me I think it was a personal thing Other people will probably like it But I just didn t care for the characters.Paige She annoyed me I didn t think her innocence came off as cute, I thought it came off as childish Her weird freak outs would have scared any guy away She sounded unstable and a little psychotic at times She was extremely flighty, promising Andrew one thing and

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    Paige is not your typical american girl She has spent most of her life in an all girls boarding school before going to take care of her grandmother before she passes on Arriving at her college dorm she meets Andrew who is preppy, funny, and a very sweet guy Thinking Andrew is just the person she needs to help her start this new path in life makes her spirit soar That is until she meets Spencer Spencer the tatto

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