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Cooper's Folly He may not be Mr Mom, but he could be Mr PerfectOne burned out lawyer applying to work as a nannyOne stressed out single mom desperate for helpTwo kidlets looking for a daddyCrazy But they might just make a familyMolly s eyes took another quick sweep of him Gorgeous But she needed a nanny not a stud, and she needed one today This isn t a joke You re serious about this job He noddedMolly reviewed her options one last time Unfortunately, with her job on the line and two small children depending on her, she had just one This man This okay tall, very attractive, very blond, very tempting man She had neither the time nor the tolerance for casual or even not so casual flings, but she appreciated a gorgeous man when she saw one She wasn t dead yet Cooper Meredith was clearly not dead yet, either More Saturday night date material than nanny material, but maybe she could make this work until she got home from New York Well, Mr Meredith What s your answer Ms Perrell, it s a resounding yes Mary Strand writes romantic comedy, YA, and women s fiction novels You can find her at MaryStrand, follow her on Twitter MaryStrand , or like her on Facebook

About the Author: Mary Strand

Mary Strand practiced law in a large Minneapolis law firm for 16 years until the day she set aside her pointy toed shoes or most of them and escaped the land of mergers and acquisitions to write novels The first novel she wrote, Cooper s Folly, won Romance Writers of America s Golden Heart award and was published by Bell Bridge Books in January 2014 Her four book YA series, The Bennet Sisters, starting with Pride, Prejudice, and Push Up Bras, is out now.Mary lives on a lake in Minneapolis with her husband, two cute kidlets, and a stuffed monkey named Philip When not writing, she lives for sports, travel, guitar, dancing badly , Cosmos, Hugh Jackman, and ill advised adventures that offer a high probability of injury to herself and others Mary writes romantic comedy, YA, and women s fiction novels You can find her at, follow her on Twitter or Instagram Mary_Strand , or like her on Facebook marystrandauthor.

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    Cooper s Folly By Mary StrandIf I had to compare this novel author Strand s first to anything, I would pick a huge box of chocolates An open one From the start you get that either this was written by an attorney, or someone with a cleverly intelligent sense of humor Both are totally spot on This is sort of a romance, kind of a journey book and completely filled with heart And two kids I would suggest this be tucked int

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    Mary Strand formulates an engaging romance within real life circumstances in her story Cooper s Folly Corporate lawyer Cooper Meredith is unfulfilled with his job at Smith and Garrison and takes a foolish step He quits his profitable job one day and pulls out the classifieds ads where his finger arbitrarily lands on an opening for a nanny, babysitting retail buyer Molly Perrell s four year old twins, Alec and Emma His fo

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    I enjoyed this first time author The story is fun and simple, but there were a few missed opportunities I really liked Cooper and Molly Molly was strong and smart, but at times came across as stupid instead of insecure The dilemia Molly had with work and Jed, felt rushed It could have added to the story with just a littleinformation and if she would have let Cooper helpThe end felt rushed also I would have like to see Coop

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    If staying awake until 4 am is any indication, this book just keeps you turning pages A fun story with a couple of adorably precocious kids, a guy in way over his head and a strong, and a super stressed out business woman Somehow Cooper s final career choice did seem odd, though, not that it was a bad thing to want, but it didn t seem to fit his hankering for the challenge of figuring things out that he voiced after spending

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    Light, quick read with a fun twist on the usual nanny falls for employer premise This time the man is the nanny a lawyer fed up with the demands of his job and his overbearing boss In need of a recharge and reassessment of his life s course, Cooper impulsively takes a job as a nanny for a divorced woman with two children Molly, his new boss, is a high strung woman experiencing her own work related drama But together the two ad

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    Mary s debut book is filled with laughs and tears This story will make for a great beach read It s a quick read and you ll be cheering for Molly and Cooper to get along and find happiness together As for Cooper, you ll be praying he survives the twins As a prior nanny, I don t know if I would ve survived No really they re not that bad.

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    Cooper s Folly reviewCooper s Folly is a cute, funny and sweet romance written by debut author Mary Strand I truly enjoyed reading it.

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    Quit light funny readI enjoy the thought of having a male nanny that is in mid l I feel crisis It was a refreshing take from a woman s prospective.

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    Sweet romance that brings the sizzle I loved Cooper and his approach to life.

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    Cooper s FollyTerrific This is a romantic story, with some humor I like the characters There is a lot of positive thinking in this book I loved it.

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