The War on Learning: Gaining Ground in the Digital

The War on Learning: Gaining Ground in the Digital University An examination of technology based education initiatives from MOOCs to virtual worlds that argues against treating education as a product rather than a processBehind the lectern stands the professor, deploying course management systems, online quizzes, wireless clickers, PowerPoint slides, podcasts, and plagiarism detection software In the seats are the students, armed with smartphones, laptops, tablets, music players, and social networking Although these two forces seem poised to do battle with each other, they are really both taking part in a war on learning itself In this book, Elizabeth Losh examines current efforts to reform higher education by applying technological solutions to problems in teaching and learning She finds that many of these initiatives fail because they treat education as a product rather than a process Highly touted schemes video games for the classroom, for example, or the distribution of iPads let students down because they promote consumption rather than intellectual developmentLosh analyzes recent trends in postsecondary education and the rhetoric around them, often drawing on first person accounts In an effort to identify educational technologies that might actually work, she looks at strategies including MOOCs massive open online courses , the gamification of subject matter, remix pedagogy, video lectures from Randy Pausch to the Baked Professor , and educational virtual worlds Finally, Losh outlines six basic principles of digital learning and describes several successful university based initiatives Her book will be essential reading for campus decision makers and for anyone who cares about education and technology

About the Author: Elizabeth Losh

Elizabeth Losh is associate professor of English and American studies at The College of William Mary with a specialization in new media ecologies She is author of Virtualpolitik and The War on Learning Gaining Ground in the Digital University and coauthor of Understanding Rhetoric A Graphic Guide to Writing.

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    In some ways, the title is a little misplaced This book isabout how instructors should learn from the media tools that students use and integrate them into coursework rather than reject them as undermining educational practice and pedagogy I think some of this text is a little meandering and not quite as focused as I had hoped It ranges from story telling to specific limitations of various technologies However, it was particularly useful for giving aopen

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    Some interesting insights into the world of Higher Education and e learning A bizarrely alarmist title for a book that is quite even handed, bordering on formulaic If you re in the industry, it will confirm a lot of what you already know, if you re not, this is a decent introduction to the digital transformation of learning.

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    Very worthwhile read especially if you re in the field The title is strangely hyperbolic.

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