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A Walk in the Park Parks are such a familiar part of everyday life You might be forgiven for thinking they have always been there and that they always will In fact, the roots of even the most humble neighbourhood park lie in age old battles over land and liberty From their medieval life as private royal hunting grounds to their modern incarnation as public spaces teeming with activity, theirs is a story of land grabbing monarchs and Restoration fops, great Victorian industrialist, punks and model boaters and somewhere among it all, the common man trying to enjoy his single day of rest It s a story best told by way of the Epic of Gilgamesh and Gary Numan LPs, with trips into the lives of celebrated engineers and artists, and the occasional hop across the Atlantic and the ChannelAlong the way, parks have proved themselves to be shape shifters, transforming according to their public s need they ve been converted into wartime farms by night, they ve provided some with the perfect location for illicit rendezvous But right now, in an era of cuts, British parks are under threat As such, Travis Elborough s joyful and loving portrait is a timely celebration of a small wonder that we may on occasion take for granted It will have your next trip to the park brimming with history, anecdote and new meaning

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    Exactly the type of book I expected my Mum to get me for Christmas, and, on reading, exactly the type of book I expected it to be Amusing, enlightening and a generally enjoyable read that I looked forward to coming back to each day The speed that Elborough romps through time and pla

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