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In Plain Sight Sometimes when one is in the darkness and all alone, that is when somebody special shows up and guides them to the light and real love is found Zaid s one of the rarest of breeds of shifters, an African Wild Dog So, when he finds out that one of the biggest hunters is in Wayne county intent on killing him, he decides he ll strike first But to do so, he must go down into the ancient tunnels For that, he needs the best set of eyes in the pack, Kline Kline is afraid to go out on the mission, but he s been secretly attracted to Zaid for so long that he knows he can t refuse Will they succeed Or will they die before they see the light again

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    I like these books because they are non stressful Drama, angst, etc is basically non existent, which I really need at times So they make for a light, easy, fun, sexy read In particular I have liked the last two books this one and the previous because of the fighting omegas sounds like an odd spor

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    WCW 8Z was the last of the African prairie dogs as his pack had been slaughtered by a snake shifter, with the help of his pack and his new omega mate he finally gets his revenge

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    In Plain Sight Wayne County Wolves Book 8 Yep another great book in this series and I can t wait to readof this series and I will be too..

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    In Plain Sight, by Stephani Hecht, is the eighth book in her Wayne County Wolves series Even though this is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone without the reader being confused The Wayne County Wolves Series is a spin off from her Lost Shifter Series and follows the band of various sh

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    Putting aside the inappropriate timing of their first make out session, then pretending it didn t happen before one of them decides to take the situation in hand and do something, which leads to committing to each other before doing the deedyeah, had no problems with this after that The one lone sex

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Lame The worst book in the series Several editing mistakes Poor sentence structure Typos Moronic characters and dialogue Blergh.

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    3.5 stars

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    Zaid and Kline I liked seeing Kline s gift at work here.

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