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Excelente 4 Stars India is the eldest sister and the woman at the helm of the department store Jordan wants revenge on the Claibourne Years ago, India s father stole the control of the store from his mother and now he s going to win it back.Though written as a trilogy, each story can stand on it s own However, I recommend reading them all They are all very good reads Each Claibourne woman has found their match in a Farraday man I found it great fun to see these tough guys succumb to the charms of their enemies Boardroom Bridegrooms Trilogy Book 3Claibourne Farrady is an exclusive London department store that has been run by the eldest male of either the Claibourne or Farraday families For the past thirty years, the store has been under the control of Peter Claibourne and on his retirement, his three daughters want to take over his role, with the eldest daughter at the helm But the Farraday men won t hear of it After all the control is always passed on to the eldest male Now the women need to prove to the men that they can run the company better So they issue a challenge For a month, each Farraday male must shadow a Claibourne female in order to understand the workings of the company These are their stories Taking on the bossIndia Claibourne is bright, beautiful and the boss of an exclusive London department store Jordan Farraday is a devastatingly handsome tycoon and his number one aim is to take over that store Jordan may make her heart pound with excitement, but no way is India going to let that happen The battle of wills commencesthe final showdown that will dig up past secrets and shake up everything that is dear to India and Jordan There was only supposed to be one winne, rbut perhaps this time there will be two. The Tycoon's Takeover

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