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Acid Sky The exciting prequel to BELOW MERCURY Venus second planet from the Sun In the crushing depths of its atmosphere lies a hellish, dimly lit world of baked rock and furnace like temperatures, forever hidden beneath thick clouds of sulphuric acidBut high above the clouds, the sky is blue and clear, and a fleet of nuclear powered aircraft carriers circle endlessly on the high altitude winds, providing a welcome staging post for crews on long space voyagesFor Clare Foster, a newly promoted lieutenant in the US Astronautics Corps on her first tour of duty on board the carrier Langley, flying on Venus brings new challenges to be mastered But the endless blue skies of Venus soon darken with an approaching menace, in which the terrifying fury of the planet will be unleashed With spectacular vistas of imagination, original line drawings and a richly detailed background, ACID SKY forms an exciting prequel to BELOW MERCURY, and forges new standards of realism for the SF thriller

About the Author: Mark Anson

Mark Anson has had a lifelong interest in reading and writing science fiction thrillers and adventures, and spends considerable effort researching and creating the highly detailed and scientifically accurate settings and drawings for his novels I think it s important to get accuracy and consistency in any fictional setting whether it s a historical romance or a science fiction adventure set on a distant planet To me, the background is as essential as the story itself, and I strive to make it as believable as possible Mark lives with his wife in the depths of the Suffolk countryside with horses, cats and various other animals He is currently working on the next novel in the series, which is set between the events of Acid Sky and Below Mercury , and is set in space, beyond the orbit of Mars.

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    Good bookThis was a good read from beginning being to end.The author goes into enough detail to inform but not confuse The space vehicles could easily exist and so could the carriers that circled Venus I m getting his next book so that should say something about the author Enjoy

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    This is a science fiction story in the hard, realistic style, no bombastic action or far out Aliens to be found here The story is very well written and intensively well research The author knows how to give many technical details that help the story feel real without losing my interest, and that s commendable The focus of the story is one I had never read before in a science fiction setting and one that works surprisingly well to create mystery

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    This is the prequel to the author s book Below Mercury and provides an entertaining andimportantly, fascinating look at operation on Venus in the future Like his earlier book the author demonstrates a sound technical knowledge of the technology and procedures and this creates an authentic feel for the story From the opening lines you get a strong feel for what life must be like for the astronauts involved.Unfortunately the book doesn t quite match the

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    Hard sci fi adventure beginning with 2Lt Clare Foster, a newly commissioned pilot assigned to an airborne carrier circling the skies of Venus She soon encounters a conspiracy among some of the staff that results in violence, threats, sabotage, and murder The villains are really bad people and the scenes with them vivid and disturbing The action scenes are well done and suspenseful Not always an easy ready because of the depravity of some of the characters, bu

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    I debated giving this 2 stars for OK instead of one for poor , but I decided I really hadn t enjoyed reading it, and I have certainly read much better sci fi Perhaps you ll enjoy itif you have an interest in aircraft, but I found it very tedious There was very little character development, the bad guys were just bad with little or no redeeming qualities and the lead character didn t have much personality.

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    I wasn t sure about this book when I started it as it was slow to start and almost a bit to technical I am glad that I kept reading it as I did enjoy the storyline following like around the craft at Venus It would ve been nice to learnabout the characters and haveof a storyline.

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    Having enjoyed Below Mercury I looked forward to reading this one I wasn t disappointed Well written, full of description, tense situations and a straightforward and interesting plot This is what Science Fiction ought to be I hope to readby this author.

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    Not as good as Below MercuryAuthor got better in his second book Character events not as believable Not bad SF but good to know in got enter in subsequent novel.

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