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The Novelization of the ClassicSci Fi Movie Farrar, Straus Giroux, Inc FORBIDDEN PLANETby Philip MacDonaldas W J StuartPOWER MAD DR MORBIUS MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE HE ENSLAVES THE WORLD Commander Adams and the crew of Spaceship CD land on Altair , the forbidden planet, where they hope to find the survivors of a previous expedition But the only one they find is Dr Morbius, a scientist with a deadly plan to take over the universe Dr Morbius warns the earthlings to leave at onceBut Commander Adams and his crew stay despite the terrifying attacks on their spaceship For they know that theirs is the last chance to stop a madman from becoming Master of the UniverseForewordONE Major Medical C X OstrowTWO Major Medical C X Ostrow continued THREE Commander J J AdamsFOUR Commander J J Adams continued FIVE Edward MorbiusSIX Major C X OstrowSEVEN Commander J J AdamsEIGHT Commander J J Adams concluded Postscript, Words Update Sep Numerous typos fixed Forbidden Planet

About the Author: Philip MacDonald

Philip MacDonald who some give as 1896 or 1899 as his date of birth was the grandson of the writer George MacDonald and son of the author Ronald MacDonald and the actress Constance Robertson During World War I he served with the British cavalry in Mesopotamia, later trained horses for the army, and was a show jumper He also raised Great Danes After marrying the writer F Ruth Howard, he moved to Hollywood in 1931 He was one of the most popular mystery writers of the 1930s, and between 1931 and 1963 wrote many screenplays along with a few radio and television scripts.His detective novels, particularly those featuring his series detective Anthony Gethryn, are primarily whodunnits with the occasional locked room mystery His first detective novel was The Rasp 1924 , in which he introduced his character Anthony Gethryn In later years MacDonald wrote television scripts for Alfred Hitchcock Presents Malice Domestic , 1957 and Perry Mason The Case of the Terrified Typist , 1958.He twice received an Edgar Award for Best Short Story in 1953, for Something to Hide , and in 1956, for Dream No More Indeed many critics felt that his short story writing was superior to his novels and they did win five second prizes in the annual contests held by Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine.He also wrote under the pseudonyms Oliver Fleming, Anthony Lawless, Martin Porlock, W.J Stuart and Warren Stuart.

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    I only found slight differences to the movie of the same name, a good science fiction movie, all you could ask for in a space story, a sense of adventure, exploration into the unkown always grips my imagination, and this as it all, a very imaginative peace of work by the author, and easy to understand why it

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    The short version first Science fiction stories have been around for decades, some of the best written in the 19th Century by authors like Jules Gabriel Verne , H.G Herbert George Wells , and Edgar Rice Burroughs , to name only a few of those better known The mid 20th Century audience had other media for the ge

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    I m amazed, and grateful, that Peril Press dug up this 1950s novelization of one of my favorite classic movies and made it available as an ebook I also appreciate the way the author takes the story from the film and, without significant changes, puts a new angle on it He does this mainly by shifting the point of v

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    Although I must have seen the movie a hundred times, this is the first time I came across the book and I snapped it up on first sight I wasn t disappointed Like many books adapted to movies, Forbidden Planet adds details that make the story farengaging For one thing, the story is told from the POV of main characters,

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    I have always considered the movie this is based on to be part of the trinity of classic SF movies How I managed to wait until now to read this is beyond me Certainly I could have read it forty years ago but It is an interesting take on the film, novelizing and adding to the story some both for good and bad Familiar eno

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    The novelization of the movie is written in various first person accounts Morbius, Commander Adams, etc It fills in some gaps, but overall is simply inferior to the movie The biggest difference, for me, is that the movie has a strong sense of original sin as found in the id something we tend to lack today , while the book

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    The novelization was written after the motion picture was complete, but before its premier Though there are a few minor discrepancies, it remains faithful to the original story, even expanding on some ideas that were left incomplete or unexamined The movie is among my favorites, and the novel only adds to my enjoyment Five st

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    Excellent storyExcellent storyI absolutely loved this book Forbidden Planet is my favorite movie, and I was extremely pleased to find it in book form Very true to the movie storyline, fast reading A must for all fans of old sci fi classics.

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    This book only differs from the move in a couple of places There s an extra death that s not in the movie and the scenes with the drunk cook aren t played for laughs here.A sound read, a bit dry in places.

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    When Commander Adams and the crew of Spaceship C 57 D land on Altair 4, they are going to find a strange world and the evil Dr Morbius in charge Classic sci fi

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