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Wolf Mates is a set of stories where big beautiful girls can t seem to find the right man Just when they thought all hope was lost they re suddenly greeted by their significant other Not only are these men gorgeous, but they all seem to carry the same secret They re wolves Wolves that are also in search of their mates Frightened, the girls flee, but these sexy alphas aren t going to give up that easily They re on the prowl and they won t stop until they ve captured and claimed the beauties for their ownThis , word anthology contains graphic sex between bbw and their sexy alpha werewolves Some stories also contain multiple partnersPublished separately as short stories Stories include Mating Grounds, Alpha s Desire, First Time with a Werewolf, Fun with the Wolf Pack, Rogue Wolf s Mate, Taken by the Wolf, The Alpha s Game, The Pack s Mate, Wolf Doctor, Wolf Toy also published as Wolf Island and Wolf s Bride Wolf Mates

About the Author: Carrie Kelly

Carrie Kelly lives in Washington and writes sexy erotic romance with lively heroines and smoking hot heroes She started writing romance when she lost her main source of income as a freelance writer and it was the best decision she s ever made Besides writing, she spends time with her lovely cats, travels and enjoys wearing ridiculously girly clothes.Facebook

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