The Case of the Savage Statue MOBI ´ Case of the

The Case of the Savage Statue The endings were surprisingly varied I guess it helps to have kid detectives who can do things and react differently than adults There s really only one or two paths to the full, true ending.There aren t enough fat kids in fiction, let alone adventurous ones like Jupiter Jones and his pals The book s a little dated, with pay phones playing a major role, but still very enjoyable to go through. Amo a este autor. Much to my surprise, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Perhaps it was because my expectations were rock bottom Don t get me wrong it isn t terribly deep or profound But it s written pretty well by the author of some of my favorite books in the main series , illustrated well and, most of all, lots of fun Read and finished 2012 12 22 in the car on the way to Oak Ridge. By making the correct decisions, the reader assists the Three Investigators in defeating a killer cult, whose members have kidnapped a ransom victim to get their hands on a valuable statue

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