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The Hunt for Red October (Jack Ryan Universe, #4) Here Is The Runaway Bestseller That Launched Tom Clancy S Phenomenal Career A Military Thriller So Gripping In Its Action And So Convincing In Its Accuracy That The Author Was Rud To Have Been Debriefed By The White House Its Theme The Greatest Espionage Coup In History Its Story The Chase For A Top Secret Russian Missile Sub Lauded By The Washington Post As Breathlessly Exciting The Hunt For Red October Remains A Masterpiece Of Military Fiction By One Of The World S Most Popular Authors, A Man Whose Shockingly Realistic Scenarios Continue To Hold Us In Thrall.Somewhere Under The Atlantic, A Soviet Sub Commander Has Just Made A Fateful Decision The Red October Is Heading West The Americans Want Her The Russians Want Her Back And The Most Incredible Chase In History Is On

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    After reading Fifty Shades of Girl Smut, I think I need a manly book The Hunt for Red October seems virile enough Strong sweaty menat seawith not a woman in sight Wait a sec What am I getting in to They better not start singing, In the Navy or Y.M.C

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    I read this when I was on the USS Eisenhower It was so popular with the Squids that I think it replaced the BMR The thing that really impressed everyone on the ship was how accurate Clancy was with both his research and his story telling There was never a...

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    At the tail end of the Cold War, Captain Marko Ramius of the Soviet Navy,decides to defect Incredibly planning to bring the most advanced submarine in the world with him.The Red October has a new drive system that is virtually noiseless.The nuclear vessel would be almo

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    Writer s style is not engaging or entertaining for me He s probably good for military technical buffs.This guy is a popular best selling author But not for me I assume his fans are those who love to think and talk about military technical stuff with a story to go along with it T

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    In my opinion, this is Clancy s best book, even beyond the Jack Ryan stories The depth of character coupled with the suspense of an underwater attack submarine chase makes this book so memorable that I read it a second time just to enjoy it again The plotting is fantastic, but I have to s

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    Yes, I may be fashionably late to this party, considering the threat of war between Soviet Russia which doesn t exist any and Imperialist America is a major theme of this novel But I figured this should be my first experience with Tom Clancy, and I do not regret my decision at all This is a near pe

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    Everyone always goes on about how meticulous Tom Clancy s background research is, but there was a moment in this book which made me wonder They re going to run a big program on a military computer, and being gamblin military men they decide to bet on how long it will take to complete One of them asks how lon

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    The very first in a ridiculously successful series of thrillers and not surprising, since it is an incredibly effective suspense story Or at least I think it is I haven t read the early Clancy books in many years and frankly, I m very afraid to I remember the bloated cheap hardback editions that still weigh down my bo

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    4.0 stars My first Tom Clancy novel and the one that made me an instant fan of his work Jack Ryan is a terrific character and the plot was very well done Highly recommended for fans of political thrillers.

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    Uh Bio sam izme u tri i etiri, no na kraju sam odlu io knjizi dati ve u ocjenu Razlog tome je taj to kada je dobra, onda je zbilja napeta i uzbudljiva, no u dobrom djelu nije takva barem meni nije bila.Ima vi e razloga za to, a jedan od glavnih je taj to je itam danas, a ne u vrijeme kada je napisana Da se razumijemo, mogu potpuno s...

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