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The Infatuations From the award winning Spanish writer Javier Mar as comes an extraordinary new book that has been a literary sensation around the world an immersive, provocative novel propelled by a seemingly random murder that we come to understand or do we through one woman s ever unfurling imagination and infatuations At the Madrid caf where she stops for breakfast each day before work, Mar a Dolz finds herself drawn to a couple who is also there every morning Though she can hardly explain it, observing what she imagines to be their unblemished life lifts her out of the doldrums of her own existence But what begins as mere observation turns into an increasingly complicated entanglement when the man is fatally stabbed in the street Mar a approaches the widow to offer her condolences, and at the couple s home she meets and falls in love with another man who sheds disturbing new light on the crime As Mar a recounts this story, we are given a murder mystery brilliantly reimagined as metaphysical enquiry, a novel that grapples with questions of love and death, guilt and obsession, chance and coincidence, how we are haunted by our losses, and above all, the slippery essence of the truth and how it is toldThis ebook edition includes a reading group guide

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    A young woman 30 ish works in a publishing house in Madrid She has coffee every morning and for several years overhears conversations of a couple with their two young children who frequent the same caf They never interact but she thinks of them as the perfect co

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    I was moving this week, so I m farther away from this than I wanted to be when I wrote this, but I can assure you that the strongest of my impressions have lasted enough to give you the gist of why I was so disappointed in this.My major issue is, overall, that this is

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    A murderer, nothing . Truth is not always an easy thing to come by Any event that occurs reaches our ears and eyes from a vast assortment of new media, eyewitnesses, and other second hand accounts, each with their own unique perspectives and agendas that all encode the sam

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    The Infatuations , written by Spanish writer, Javier Marias, begins with a murder It s brilliantly and seductively written with mesmerizing passages on every page There was even a very powerful passage about a mother who clearly loves her children but just can t cope with them at

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    With a delicately eerie depth of intelligence and using a hypnotic style Javier Mar as weaves a skillful and deceiving story set in the heart of modern Madrid involving a murder, the reasons for, and the aftermath But for anyone hoping for a thrilling crime mystery you will end up disa

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    You could say that I wished them all the best in the world, as if they were characters in a novel or a film for whom one is rooting right from the start, knowing that something bad is going to happen to them, that at some point, things will go horribly wrong, otherwise there would be no nove

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    They sat here before The Chambers Awash in the overheated humidity, pomade, the dense artificial freshening scent Moments before, an objection had been raised out there.So, Sam, whatwhat can you give me Gruesome over here objected to my objection.You know he s right Ned You can t object to an obje

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    It s quite shameful the way reality imposes no limits on itself. The questions about life and death are quite contrasting While we hardly ask about how someone is born, the news of someone s death is almost always followed by the question of How Apart from satiating our curiosity and mellow down the sho

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    God, I love reading A good novel one of the greatest pleasures that we get in this life, and fuck you everyone who helped me forget that, and God bless you Javier Mar as for making me remember.Okay, so I just invoked the Lord s name twice in one small paragraph, which must mean I m a bit worked up I don t kno

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    I had such high hopes for this The reviews have been glowing Everyone seemed to be talking about it And I ve been trying to readtranslations At first the premise and subject matter seemed promising and the first few extended conversations were quite interesting.But then Blah blah blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

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