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Court the Night Sequel to Bleeds My Desire

About the Author: Nenia Campbell

Hi there I m Nenia I m creator and moderator of Unapologetic Romance Readers.I read a lot of amazingly trashy books that I would be happy to rec you Coffee flows through my veins like ichor.Here s where you can buy my books Smashwords Check here for banners, fan art, updates, giveaways, and muchInstagram

10 thoughts on “Court the Night

  1. says:

    So I guess 2020 is the year of me finally getting my shit together as an author and finishing the sequels my poor readers have been waiting YEARS for lol.

  2. says:

    Wait this is going to be a series Hand both books over soon, and no one gets hurt.

  3. says:

    Need to read this one too

  4. says:

    The first book ended way too soon Waiting in silent desperation.

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