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Stalked (Toxic Thoughts, #2) A TRUE STORYToxic Thoughts is true story series about adversity and resilience Jacynta Roth is fifteen, pregnant and about to marry a teacher The problem is the government wants to charge him with statutory rape Hi, I m Jacynta Roth, The government owns me now I was okay with being a ward of the court until they interfered with my love life Little did I know that was the least of my worries Does it ever end Trouble seems to find me wherever I go I think it s starting to stalk me

About the Author: Juanita Ray

Juanita Ray, a dual citizen, born in Newfoundland Canada, is a well educated, retired entrepreneur who has had several successful careers and earned multiple certificates and awards She is happily married to her soulmate Scott and together they live at the jungle in Southern California, with the horde, a 6 pack of dogs, 150 small birds housed in an outside aviary and a 6 pack of adopted outside semi feral cats who have spent the last decade drooling, while guarding the aviary one loves to crash photo shoots Her newest rescue is a misfit Siamese cat with a dissociative identity disorder Juanita s hobbies include photography, creating music, writing lyrics and painting everything in sight Her favorite tools are drills, hammers, and her 10 inch miter saw Her lifelong passion for animals has never waned Neither has her allergies to cats and dust.

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    Young Jacynta Roth, now an official ward of the court, has been placed in a new foster home after running away from the last one.After hitchhiking with her zany roommate, to a dance twenty miles away, she finds herself abandoned without a ride home The guy who drove her to the dance can t get her out of his mind Although she doesn t initially warm up to him, he does manage to get close to her, too close, close enou

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