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Possum A short tale of psychological horror from the creator of Garth Marenghi s Darkplace LengthwordsMatthew Holness created the character Garth Marenghi and co wrote thePerrier Award winning show Garth Marenghi s Netherhead, Channels Garth Marenghi s Darkplace and Man to Man with Dean Learner As an actor he has appeared in Russell T Davies Casanova and Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant s The Office, Cemetery Junction and Life s Too Short He has written and directed A Gun For George and The Snipist for Warp FilmsA previous version of this story appeared in the Shirley Jackson award winning horror anthology The New Uncanny A strange and unsettling short story, Possum is like a half remembered nightmare inspired by deep rooted pain. Stupefyingly disappointing prose Incredible plot And the prose does no justice to the ambition Watch the movie of the same name Possum Read this story after, combine the most unsettling elements of both, and you ve got yourself a new uncanny nightmare The movie is just, indescribably better anddisturbing In fact, the movie readslike a short story book than this short story on paper does Gotta love a movie like that. Creepy, oh so creepy Can t wait for the film later in 2018 , but this is an unsettling journey intosomething upsettingand shared with a deeply disturbed individual.

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